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The Witch Wound

My birthday is on the 31st of October.

Yes, that’s right, I was born on Halloween. Bad Jelly the Witch was my favorite when I was a kid. I listened to the record over and over and over and can still recite whole passages from it.

Now at this point in my life, I have often viewed my birthday as a cosmic joke. A pointer from the Universe in fact. Even a signpost that I was a witch in a past life. (If you find yourself eye-rolling at a mention of past lives, guess what? I never used to believe in them either.)

Now I know it to be true, as I’ve been facing a very prevalent issue that shows up for lightworkers, healers and those stepping into their power in the intuitive arts and it’s known as the Witch Wound.

What is this Witch Wound?

For me to explain it clearly, please allow yourself to suspend any disbelief in past lives and humor me for a moment. Cellular memory crosses lifetimes. That is, your body has a MEMORY of what has happened to you in other lifetimes. If you were a witch or branded as a witch in past lifetimes then it’s more than likely you were hunted, tortured, experienced some kind of trial, set back or imprisonment for your intuitive skills and crafts.

Fast forward into this lifetime and you are drawn to the Divine. You resonate with all things spiritual. You love to read about energy, your chakras, how to increase your vibration and all things metaphysical. You are yearning to become supernatural. Why? Because you’ve done it before. It’s coded into your essence and your purpose for being on this planet.

However, you may also be running fear of DEATH. A primal fear that is hardwired into your cells that says, “This is dangerous. I could get hurt or endanger myself or my family”. This is especially so when it comes to being VISIBLE in your work and business as a lightworker. It’s safer to do it on the down low, out of sight and behind closed doors. It’s safer to be invisible.

Here’s the rub right? We need to be seen to do our work but we are also hiding at the same time. This is a cross-purpose that can wreak havoc on our ability to step into our power completely and being able to reach others and do the work we came here to do. That is, LIGHT WORK.

How do I know? Because I’ve been experiencing it the last few months myself. My coach called me out – she zapped me with one simple question. She said, “Rebecca, are you hiding?” Yes, yes and double yes! I then watched her hold space for a crowd of over 700 people with her heart open while all those people were getting triggered and in massive resistance as she was asking them to evolve into the next highest version of themselves. It was breathtaking, staggering and inspiring. There was also a part of me that was like “If that is my future, I don’t know if I want it!” and shortly thereafter it ripped open the file for me on DEATH and being killed for what I do.

I’ve been sitting with it for a while and it’s played out in some interesting ways and I’m grateful I know what to do to clear the energies and shift the frequencies. However, it came to a head this morning in the shower. I was like “F*CK FEAR!” In my mind, I went up to the FEAR OF DEATH and melted it. Even death can not hold me back from doing this work – this work TRANSCENDS death. We are limitless beings. Death cannot contain us and the fear of it will not hold me back from shining more light than I ever have done in a past life.

(I have goosebumps at this moment as I write this. For me, that is Source telling me I am in TRUTH.)

It’s time to let go of the wounds of the witch and how that shows up in our work, whether it’s through being branded in a certain way or fearful of sharing who we really are for fear of being judged, criticised or condemned. It’s time to elevate the past to the light, to leave all those shadows and the projections of others behind us.

Are you ready to transcend any fear, even of death, to shine your love out into the world and help others to do the same? What would it take to look at fear in the face and transcend any hold it has on you?

I’m ready. Are you with me?

Love Rebecca xxx

p.s. I was so deeply effected by this that I created an energy clearing process for it – Healing the Witch Wound. If you’re suffering from the same symptoms as I did you can check it out here and get free and clear today. You have work to do beauty, don’t let the past hold you back. xx

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