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Are you ready to step

into your spiritual power

and align with your purpose?

I get it, beauty.

Have you ever gotten through another day and felt disappointed that it didn’t hold the magic you were hoping for?

That sometimes, when a celebration occurs, like your birthday, that underneath it all, you don’t actually feel that excited? In fact if you were honest, you feel a little flat.

Because inside, you are wondering if you will ever feel the awe and wonder that you did as a child? That somehow life hasn’t turned out as you planned and you feel a little sad and scared because, maybe, just maybe, it won’t ever change?

Deep down what you are yearning for is wanting to know yourself on the level of your soul. You want to go deeper into the truth of who you are.

You want to know yourself as connected to your Spirit, while completely grounded and holding peace in your heart, no matter what comes your way.

You want to be aligned with the most powerful part of yourself.

You want to know yourself of this world but also beyond it. To open up to all the ancient mysteries that are coded into your body.

You want to work in harmony with Spirit, creating what you desire and fulfilling your soul purpose, experiencing deep fulfillment and satisfaction as you do.

You want to have the courage to say yes to your deepest desires, even if they make sense to no one else but you.

To be able to make decisions quickly and effectively..

…so you can clearly see what serves you and will increase your happiness so you can keep yourself in a state of flow and ease.

You want to release pleasing people and learn what it takes to bring more pleasure into own your life, by following what you feel called to do, knowing that your happiness enriches the lives of your family, your partner and your children. 

You want to stop doing what you’re told to do and start listening to yourself. To value your thoughts and ideas and do what it takes to implement them and have them come to life. To finally write that book, sail around the world or go and live in a foreign country, because it speaks to your soul.

You want to know and trust your intuition and follow it when you are prompted to do so, and to take your power back from what the external world defines as success so you can shape and create what success looks like for YOU.

You want to be able to create a business that works to support you in terms of giving you time to nurture yourself rather than feeling like you need to implement ALL the latest tactics because you’re listening deeply to what is for you and allowing yourself to trust your own process. 

You want to learn how to listen to the wisdom of your body and to discover how your body holds so much vital information in terms of your safety and happiness.  You want to shift from the mental stress you experience from living in your head and discover what it’s like to relax into living from your body. You want to trust yourself to make decisions quickly from the awareness of your body rather than over analysing things endlessly. 

You want calm, peace, and bliss…. And to know your power.


You want to get to the end of the ride and be able to say “ I did it my way” 


In order to experience that you need to know yourself deeply and to cultivate your unique relationship with the Divine.

Once you have created a deeper relationship with the Divine here’s some of the things that will be true for you:

You’ll easily identify an intuitive nudge from the Universe through your body

You’ll be curious about that and willing to explore it

You’ll take action on it

When you do take action you’ll see results that your mind could never fathom  

Like the time I was tired and I didn’t want to go to an event one evening so I asked my intuition would it be profitable to go.  (Profit for me is in terms of energetic exchange and also abundance) My intuition said YES so I went, and I had an amazing night, met some great people and later two of those people became clients which was worth about $6k to me at the time. If I had listened to my rational mind I would have stayed home and watched Netflix and missed out on this wonderful opportunity!

Intuitive Mastery Testimonial

In this video, Melissa shares her experience of Intuitive Mastery and how she now lives from her intuition with ease and grace.

WHY is intuitive development the most important step you can take to living a life free of limitation?

Because your intuition is THE KEY to living a life beyond your normal reality; a life of miracles, joy and magic.

STOP: Your Confusion

Instead have clarity, conscious awareness and the
courage to fulfil your life purpose.

STOP: Living from fear and lack

Instead, know what to do to create massive abundance for yourself and your clients.

STOP: Hiding!

Instead, shine your light, share your message
and become empowered!


What is really stopping you?

Underneath, it all boils down to one big, fat LIE....

You're not good enough.

It’s been running your life. Maybe you know it,
maybe you don’t.

Fear holds you back from knowing yourself deeply.

The fear says “What if you don’t like what you get to know?”

All your scary ego-based thoughts are holding you back from experiencing the joy of knowing your true self.

You can’t afford to do this to yourself any longer.

Will you do what it takes to become an Intuitive Powerhouse?


The problem is you don’t know how to communicate with Source Energy effectively and so you don’t know when the Universe is speaking to you.

You’ve been making your decisions from your head when what you’re really feeling is this deeper nudge to follow what you feel in your body. 

What’s important to realize here is that Source Energy is the energy that is present in all the cells of your body. 

It’s your life force. 

There is no way for you to separate out from it. 

You ARE it. 

And it’s speaking to you in many ways. 

Nudges. Hunches. A vibe. A gut feeling.

Like when you get that nudge to call a loved one you haven’t seen for a while but you’re busy and you don’t call.

Or you notice your mind having an unexpected thought about work but you’re busy so you forget to make a note, let alone follow through on it.  

Or….when the Universe does speak to you, you talk yourself out of it and then nothing happens.

You may feel a sensation like a gut instinct but your mind kicks in with another thought and you move onto the next thing. 

Or you’ve noticed that three people have mentioned the exact same thing to you in the past twenty-four hours….but you let it slide and don’t investigate further. 

Or when a book leaps off the shelf in front of you, you rationalise it, looking for the open window and the wind that swept it there instead of realising that it’s there for you to read.

This ends up leaving you feeling frustrated, overlooked, and uninspired. You feel like something is missing. 

You know that when you live in fear it doesn’t go away it just comes back to you in different forms. 

You may feel like you are wandering through your life blind. You may have trusted your guidance in the past but somehow you feel like you have lost it. 

You know your brain is your biggest handbrake but that still doesn’t help you move beyond it and to take the actions you know would bring you tremendous rewards.

You feel frustrated and angry and that your lack of belief in yourself and your intuition is making your life difficult. Life feels like a struggle at times and living this way creates a downward spiral.



Live the life you were born to live


And it’s all  because you’re not listening to yourself. 

I believe that listening to yourself shouldn’t be difficult especially when there is so much noise in the world.

You’ve tried manifesting before, you’re doing the personal development, and you’ve invested in programs but you’re wondering why you’re still not able to follow what your intuition is telling you. You know that you’re still not taking the actions that you feel in your bones are right for you. 

You think that you need the next podcast or the next piece of information but the reality is without implementation and creating a relationship with Source, nothing moves.

You think you need to find the answer through your mind but in reality, you need to learn how to listen to your soul…


All the pricing details are in the prospectus for Intuitive Mastery 2024

Maybe you have questions like these?

With Intuitive Mastery you'll have everything you need to know yourself at the deepest levels and live from place of increased confidence and happiness

So you can face the truth and stop doing the job that leaves you drained, uninspired and depleted of energy each and every day and choose a career that lights you up all day long. 


So you can start listening to what your soul really desires so you can embrace it through your body and become that version of you, now. That you can choose yourself  despite what other people think because you’re choosing your joy and you know following your bliss makes you outrageously happy. 


So you stop ignoring all the ways the Unvierse communiciates with you so you know that you are never alone and are always supported in every moment and all you need to do is ask for help, with whatever you are facing, whether it’s a relationship breakup or turning your financial situation around. Your intuition is always there, ready to support you.

I understand that life is stressful and we can have difficult things in the past or maybe you are going through them right now.

I have felt deep pain and even despair in my relationship with the Universe in the past.

Many years ago through a painful divorce and my banking job being disestablished I became aware that I was functioning out of ego. I was in a lot of fear and I was not really listening to the part of me that knew the Truth and where I really needed to be. I kept trying to rationalise my situation and it was only making it worse. The fear took me into a place of my own creation where I felt I had less and less options and that made me feel more and more fearful.

It wasn’t until I created a relationship with my intuition and started listening to the Truth inside of my body that everything started to flow again and I moved beyond my fear to make guided decisions to lead me to what was for me.

I've helped thousands of people just like you move into being their own heroes by listening to themselves.

Like Naomi, who when we met wanted to end it all, but she chose to develop a rock-solid relationship with her true self and in the process navigated a tricky court settlement and recently had a $10k month doing intuitive work.


Like Alex who followed her truth and now lives in a foreign country, has a lovely partner and runs a team of 20 people.


Like Kim who is following her dream and handling a high stress environment like a pro because she is doing what she loves and lighting her soul up in the process.


The only thing that these ladies had to learn was how to shift out of their heads and into their bodies and to listen to their own wisdom. Most people over complicate it by thinking you need years of therapy, endless personal development and all the affirmations and to do “the work”. It’s really a profound and simple shift that occurs when you listen to yourself deeply and make decisions from your own sovereignty and intuition rather than listening to the rational mind and the ego. 

Pork Pie Lie No 1

You think you can’t access your intuition in a way where you get information and truth immediately.

The truth is..

It's harder to keep yourself in the energy of lies! Lies are HEAVY, truth is LIGHT.

The truth is..

Your intuition lies beyond social conditioning and even your own judgments. Release them and your intuition shows you the way easily.

The truth is..

We are more intuitive than we realise. The information is right THERE. We have to let go of THINKING and learn to trust our perceptions instead.

Pork Pie Lie No 2

You think change is hard, the process takes too much effort, or nothing will change anyway.

The truth is..

Change is inevitable and it's harder and scarier to stay the same.

The truth is..

Your soul is ALWAYS looking to experience MORE. If you let your ego lead, your life will stay small. Your soul is LIMITLESS!

The truth is..

If you want to live a BIG life you need to let your soul lead. You need to get out of your own way, which isn't so easy to do by yourself. We all need support to evolve.

Pork Pie Lie No 3

You don’t think it’s possible to make a good living from your spiritual gifts and talents and to be TRULY be abundant.

The truth is..

Success is a teachable skill, but what you BELIEVE determines what you will get,

The truth is..

When you energetically align with what you want, you'll call it in!

The truth is..

By the end of this program you'll know how to release your resistance and how to keep yourself aligned to your desires.

Are you ready?

Enrolment is open and by interview only. Schedule your appointment on the link below

When you develop your intuition..

You experience more ease and flow.

Doors appear where there were once walls. There's more synchronicity, more grace. Opportunities find you, resources open up to you and you become a magnet to attract amazing things, people and situations into your life.

Your relationships shift into a deeper level of connection.

You have heart to heart connections and all masks and armour fall away to leave you open hearted so you can give and receive love more easily. You find it easy to go deep and you enjoy more intimacy. You have the ability to communicate more consciously so you can get your needs met which feels amazing.

Your start living in the energy of inspiration

It's easier to be creative and get amazing ideas for projects or how you would like to make an impact in the world. You'll receive solutions to your problems in inspired ways!

Your can trust yourself to make better decisions for yourself.

You develop more confidence knowing you are trusting your inner self to provide you with the information you need to make effective decisions for your greatest good.

More money and abundance show up in your life.

You can melt away limitations to prosperity showing up in your world and receive more than your rational mind would previously allow. This is a game-changer in terms of the quality of your life and your future! You're free to do those things you've always wanted to do.

You live more authentically.

When you live from your spirit there is no facade, you're coming from a place of total acceptance of yourself and others. From this place you become irresistibly attractive, luminous, and magnetic which makes you feel great. You can attract what you want so easily and you know how to call in what you want which is the best fun ever.

The Doors are Open for Enrolment

Enrolment is now open. In your new life you'll be:

My Story . . .

I grew up feeling on the outside. I often noticed that people’s words didn’t match their energy and that would confuse me. I saw people pretending, wearing masks and out of alignment with what was really going on for them. I would often freak people out by pointing out what THEIR ENERGY was telling me. It amazed me that they couldn’t see it for themselves!

The irony being as I got older I totally lost touch with myself. My dreams, my goals and my own desires somehow got left behind. It wasn’t until I ended up divorced, in a soul-crushing job with some serious road-blocks in the form of drinking to excess and toxic relationships, that something had to give.

I was asking myself

“Is this as good as it gets?”

“Why do I feel so alone?”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Why am I so unhappy?”

From the outside I had it all – my own home, a great job and good friends. On the inside I was quietly despairing.

I had a breakthrough moment when I was sobbing down the phone to my mum one day and I said to her through my tears, “I want a BIG LIFE, Mum!”

The Universe heard my plea. A few weeks later a friend sent me a link to a website all about gratitude. That was the start of huge volumes of study, self discovery and a deep dive with my own intuition to discover there is more. So much MORE!

It started with me choosing myself. Choosing to live authentically, no matter what. Choosing to live from my soul and from love, not from my judgments and limitations, my ego or critical mind.

I started following my inner voice, which gave me the courage to leave my job and pursue my dream of living in inspiration, at all times.

Now, 10 years in, I run a multiple six figure coaching practice where I help women powerfully connect to their own inner compass to live from their heart and to follow their dreams in a big way.

Intuitive Mastery Training is for you if:

If you're a:

Yoga Teacher * Healer * Speaker * Author * Entrepreneur * Life Coach * Artist * Leader * Business Owner * Massage Therapist * Energy Worker * Nutritionist * Osteopath * Health Coach * Lover * Teacher

It’s time!

Time to go to the next level in your awareness. If you’re a woman with talent, drive and passion who wants to create a big impact in the world, then this is perfect for you.

Let's do this!

Imagine this:

You wake up happy and grateful for another day of inspired living. Your first thought is “Yes!”

You smile over things that used to bother you.

You feel safe, supported, and deeply connected to the Universe and other people.

You KNOW you can handle any curveball that comes your way.

You feel free of guilt and shame in all areas of your life and you choose to live life on your terms.

Your relationship with money has changed so completely that it flows into your life effortlessly.

You feel a deep sense of calm and happiness which is reflected in all your relationships.


That part of you that’s ready to step up and expand out?

The part of you that is calling you forward?

That part of you that’s ready to light you up?

Stop waiting. It costing you too much.

Start building your dreams now!

You are meant to SHINE.

You are powerful, brilliant and Holy. 

It’s time to claim these qualities for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you join you will be sent all the information you need to know to access your weekly webinars. You will be able to access the program online, anywhere in the world you have an internet connection.

The investment is outlined in the prospectus.  Please refer to that to see the options for the payment plans for the program also.

What results you get will be determined on your level of commitment to doing the work. The more you show up, do the work and invest yourself, the more you can anticipate shifts and changes. Everyone who has done this program has had an increase in confidence, self-awareness, and an exponential increase in their personal power which has resulted in new jobs, relationships, financial abundance, and more. Please see the testimonials page for more details. 

The recordings are yours for life so you can return to the content for additional learning and benefits at any time in the future. We ask that you keep up to date with all missed calls so you can keep abreast of all current learnings and get the most out of the program