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The top 5 mistakes people make with their money.

Once upon a time, I worked in the corporate world. In a bank. I worked in lots of different areas – as a banking advisor lending people money to buy houses, in the Earthquake Support Team doing conveyancing for people who had lost their homes in the red zone. I also worked for 5 years in Private Bank, for high net worth customers. So, it’s fair to say I learnt a bit about money, money psychology, and what people make money mean. 

This experience along with eight years in my coaching practice helping people shift their limiting beliefs around money has shown me these things.

Biggest Money Mistake Number One:

People don’t realise that they are in a relationship with money and it’s their job to tend to that relationship and make it GOOD. Yes, money is an inanimate object, it’s a piece of paper that has an assigned value. Anything beyond that is what WE make it. Good, bad, evil. If this is a relationship you will have your whole life, you want to do the inner work to make it a relationship that really works for you. Unpacking this even further I often see these things. One, people GIVE THEIR POWER AWAY to money. A poor mindset says “It’s too expensive”. A rich mindset says “How can I make this happen?”. It’s time to live in the energy of the solution and get creative with money. Just like you do in a love relationship, you take the time to be romantic, come up with ideas on how you can do things together with your partner to bring more joy, so too we must do this with money. It’s time to ask deeper questions. 

What IS my relationship with money like? 

What would I like it to be like? 

Where have I felt HURT by money? What have I made that mean? 

Take some time to write it out and see what shows up so you can move into a relationship with money that works. 

Biggest Money Mistake Number Two:

More Money Makes you Happy. 

Nope, it doesn’t. Sorry to burst your bubble. They have done studies on this and measured that increases in income or material items have a short increase in your happiness but does not change it over the long term. I have had this experience. I manifested a large sum of money and I thought it would make me happy. I was SHOCKED to discover it didn’t change my personal happiness at ALL.

So why then would we purse more money? Happiness is an inside job. There’s no doubt about it either, that more money brings freedom to make the choices you want to make. So the answer lies in both. You want to do the inner work to be happy so you can enjoy the freedom money brings. There’s nothing so good as being wealthy enough to be incredibly generous too. Napoleon Hill was right when he said the pursuit of wealth is a noble cause. But it’s the person you become to BE a millionaire that is golden, not the money itself. 

Biggest Money Mistake Number Three.

In a word, attachment. 

This is a tough one. As humans, we can be very attached. We get attached to money and security which often results in us staying in a job because of the money and our need for safety. We get attached to people and need to feel “special” in a love relationship. We get attached to power and control and need to have particular outcomes. We get attached to success and achievement and can place huge pressure on ourselves to perform or achieve MORE. 

Attachment steals your joy in the process of wealth creation. I see this a lot with people wanting to manifest money. They want a big lump sum and they get attached to the idea of having it so they end up pushing it further away. 

The answer? It’s a big one and not able to be done by ourselves. We have to ask the Universe to purify us from attachment. This essentially means letting go of WANTING anything. ( Yip, I told you it was BIG!) When we can actually let this go, we can be free of needing a particular outcome or placing our happiness in an outcome. Our happiness is here now. Our abundance is a byproduct of that. 

Think about it. Would you like your future to one filled with the angst of feeling like you are not getting what you want? Or, a future where you are free of attachment and therefore wanting anything so you can actually receive EVERYTHING because there is no limitation on it?

What feels freer? 

That’s the one to pursue. 

Biggest Money Mistake Number Four:

This one is fairly straight forward. We don’t pay money the attention it requires to flourish. What you focus on expands so it’s good to focus on your money. 

Money loves clarity and it loves speed. Do you have a plan for it? Are you paying attention to the small stuff like paying your bills on time? Do you have resistance anywhere in relationship to your money? Can you have conversations with the professionals like your lawyer or accountant around it? 

I’ve seen it so many times where people spend money but they have no idea where it’s going. Put that in the context of a relationship. It doesn’t feel so caring, does it? 

If you want a strong relationship with money you will learn how to pay it good attention on a daily basis so you can feel safe and supported by it. That means attending to all the details AND the bigger picture.  It means taking care of business while focusing on your wealth consciousness every single day!

Biggest Money Mistake Number Five: 

Not cleaning up your money beliefs. 

We all have beliefs around money that we have formed, mostly in childhood from the way we grew up and our parents’ relationship with money. We have essentially imprinted this into our psyche, whether we are aware of it or not. The thing about beliefs is sometimes you don’t even realise they are holding you back because you are IN THEM. It’s like not being able to see the wood for the trees. 

Ask yourself this question. Name five adjectives to describe your Mum or maternal caregiver when it comes to money. Was she a spender, generous, a saver, tightfisted with cash? Do the same with your Dad or paternal caregiver. Those 10 adjectives? That’s YOU! 

I have seen many miracles when people shift their beliefs around money. A belief is a thought process that you have given energy, attention and meaning to. Some are really common such as..

“You have to work HARD to make good money.” (Often associated with more time means more money.)

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“The love of money is the root of all evil”

“Rich people are greedy and ruthless”

The list goes on. You need only start referring to the conversations that were had as a child about money to learn more about what your beliefs are. However, it’s another thing to release them to be able to move forward into greater wealth. You can’t receive what it is you are judging. So check yourself, do you have limiting beliefs around money? Everyone has a ceiling and everyone needs support to bust through it. If not, you stay stuck.

In all my experiences as a coach watching people shift their beliefs and money showing up out of the blue, it comes back to energetics and being willing to become the person who can work less, make more and feel good about it. It’s a cellular and a fundamental paradigm shift. 

This is important. If you don’t address your limiting beliefs around money you will not be able to increase it. You’ll continue to leak it or block it, often without even realising you are. What does that do for your future? For the future of your children? It’s THAT important. 

If you haven’t seen the 5 videos I did in the Facebook group this last week for the Profit Party be sure to go and check them out here. They are under the announcements tab and go from Monday through to Friday so start on Day One and you’ll hear me extrapolate out on these concepts. 

It’s time to accelerate into profit, be happy from the inside out and enjoy your money more. It’s time to pay attention. 


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