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Why effortless manifestation takes effort.

We all want things to be easy and to have what we want when we want it. However, when it comes to be able to manifest effortlessly it takes effort. Surely this is a contradiction in terms? Not in the way that you think.

Law of Attraction is working all the time whether you are aware of it or not. You are creating your reality by where you are choosing to focus your attention. As we know where your attention goes, your energy flows. However, the Universe sees all realities as valid so you can have the experience of a negative reality or you can choose positive. The Universe is not judging your choice, it’s simply responding to the energy you are emitting. 

The Universe doesn’t speak in words or thoughts, it communicates in energy, frequency or vibraton. So the Universe is not referring to your thoughts or words when it comes to the order you are putting in for what you want to manifest. It refers to your energy. Are you the same energy match for what you desire? If yes, then you will manifest it easily. If not, then no.

You will have heard this statement before: “You manifest not what you want, but who you are”.

What this means is you attract your reality through the vibration you are emitting. The caveat being it works BOTH ways – if you are focusing on a positive vibration then you will continue to attract what you actually want as everyone wants to feel good and be happy. It will also work if you are focusing on what you DON’T want. If you keep on focusing on that then you will create it. It’s the law. The best thing you can do to start changing this is to stop giving your attenion to what you don’t want to experience!

What’s the fastest way to increase your vibration? It’s to clear your limiting core beliefs. 

This is primarly from your subconscious not your conscious mind which is why it’s so important to go through your subconscious to look at your limiting beliefs. See your subconscious as a big filing cabinet – it holds all the information and this is where you will find your negative limiting beliefs. 

This is what most people miss when it comes to manifesting what they want.

You have to declutter this subconscious filing cabinet in order to be able to manifest effortlessly.

You can’t be running the energy of “I am not worthy” and asking the Universe to bring you value in the form of money. It doesn’t match up. Even if you do manifest something you want from this state you will only temporarily enjoy it before you go back to wanting the next thing as you are deriving your happiness for outcomes which leads to you wanting more and more and more.

The process of manifestation is a actually a process of letting go. Just like you would declutter your house, you need to declutter your subconscious mind in order to be able to receive from the external world what it is you desire. The irony being that when you reach the point when you have done ample decluttering of the subconcious mind you often have no desire for what you orginally wanted. How so?

Well, when you let go you are also practicing detachment.

You are letting go of all the clutter and what remains is peace of mind and being free from suffering. From this state you realise that your freedom and abundance do not come from things outside of you. It’s an internal state of being that you carry within you rather than thinking you can gain it externally. So the paradox being here as you let go of your limiting beliefs you gain a deeper sense of happiness AND you attract what you want. 

You realise that you are happy whether you manifest what you want or not. This understanding places you in a field of energy that attracts everything to you. It’s pure desire with no attachment. It’s true freedom. All things can be created from this place.

This is the purpose of consciousness. The Universe is ever expanding and self correcting. It will always looks to correct inauthenicity as that is not who it is. 

If you are not at the place where you are manifesting efforlessly let’s work on releasing your limiting core beliefs so you can shift your subconscious and increase your vibration and naturally start attracting to you all you desire.

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Let’s do the work of releasing your limiting beliefs and start manifesting effortlessly and from a place of great love and joy.

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