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“The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.”Albert Einstein
Unlock your intuitive super-powers and become limitless!

Are you a conscious woman who wants to LIVE A BIG LIFE, but somehow things still aren’t connecting?

Connect with your intuitionDo you feel like you are always learning more, but somehow you still haven’t mastered what it takes to be brave, to truly follow your heart, and to be clear in your connection with your intuition?
Maybe you know there is more peace, freedom and joy to be experienced, but somehow you still worry?  You want to feel that level of confidence that you know is possible, but somehow it feels elusive.
You still struggle with fears and blocks that are keeping you from living the way you really want to.
You wrangle with overthinking things, and at times feel really stuck trying to make the right decision.
You long for clarity and certainty to follow your own path, fully in touch with yourself,
And you feel like there should be more.  You want more: more joy, more peace, more confidence, more fun, more pleasure.
You want your life to flow with ease.
You want life to be magical.


Hi, I’m Rebecca Davison and I can help you to connect with your intuitive, inner guidance superpower in a profound new way that will enable you to break through any limits, and move confidently into a life of freedom, clarity and abundance.


What is intuitive coaching?

A wee while ago one of my clients gave me the best possible compliment.  She told me that someone had asked her what she had been doing because she was “absolutely glowing”.

Here are 6 things that happen when you start developing your intuition:

Develop your intuition
  • Ease and Flow

    You start to experience more ease and flow in your world – doors appear where there once were walls. You experience more synchronicity, more grace. Opportunities find you, resources open up to you and you become a magnet to attract amazing things, people and situations into your life.

  • Fulfilling Connection with Others

    Your relationships shift into a deeper level of connection. You have heart to heart connections and all masks and armour fall away to leave you open hearted and able to give and receive love more easily. You find it easy to go deep and your enjoy more intimacy. You have the ability to communicate more consciously so you can get your needs met.

  • Inspired Living

    You start living in the energy of inspiration. It’s easier to be creative and get amazing ideas for projects or how you would like to make an impact in the world. You’ll receive solutions to your problems in inspired ways.

  • Confident Decision Making

    You can trust yourself to make better decisions for yourself, more efficiently so you can get faster results. You develop more confidence knowing that you are trusting your inner self to provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your greatest good.

  • Magical Abundance

    More money and abundance show up in your life because you move into flow. You can melt away limitations to prosperity showing up in your world and receive more than your rational mind would previously allow.

  • Radiance

    You live more authentically. When you live from your spirit there is no facade, it’s a place of total acceptance. From this place of spirit you become irresistibly attractive, luminous and magnetic.

Feel light, have fun, be radiant
I’ve worked with thousands of clients world wide to help them to be free of limitation, to assist them to step into their Divine power, and to experience more freedom and joy in their life and relationships. If you’re ready to be free, to live without limits and to experience more of what you want, then connect with me through the link below so that we can step you into a world of discovery and opportunity. 


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