The most important thing you should know working with Rebecca is that you are going to feel incredibly supported and amazed with what you can achieve!

When I started working with Rebecca, I had peaked in my business and then I got stuck, overwhelmed, unsure of my next steps in my business and truthfully a bit lost. Of course this reflected onto the family too – you can imagine. It felt like ground hog day. After our first session I felt light and airy (no other way to describe it!)

If you want to gain clarity of what you want in life and who you want to be, move past the past, create an abundance of prosperity and achieve in your business – oh my gosh whatever you want in your life, then I can hand on my heart recommend Rebecca.

Vicki Zumbragel Director of Pelvic Floor Matters

Today I is the first time in a very very long time that I feel like me and it is amazing! YES YES YES YES!!!! This might not sound like much but believe me it is huge! I've known Rebecca for a few years now and being the super star she is she has been gently prodding and encouraging me from the side lines. She has been subtly connecting the dots without pushing me too hard. Rebecca I love you, you are amazing and I dont know how anyone can under-rate the energy work that sits behind everything in life. You are one of my earth angels!

Christel Hendricks


I met Rebecca, and after spending a few hours with her I embarked on a Journey that has changed me forever in all my dimensions of Being.
The process seemed so simple, so easy. I was always amazed at how much ground we covered, and how much energy we shifted. I have made friends with all aspects of myself, and truly value my self worth. This flows on to
influence all areas of my work. I have mended my friendship with money. My personal relationships are shifting and rearranging. I am no longer willing to sacrifice my values since I discovered how I had been sabotaging my highest aspirations.

I stand on the threshold of newness, feeling alive, open and ready for each wonderful experience as it unfolds. I thank Rebecca from the bottom of my heart for her patience, wisdom and unfailing belief in my potential.

Moira McDougall, Heart Fire Therapy

With your help I have come to trust my intuition more, to see signs in the world around me and be able to interpret them clearer and to question the universe. I have come to believe in my ability to manifest!

I have more understanding, patience and self love. More compassion for others and am able to put myself in their shoes and see "their story" and their patterns and have less judgement.

I have released several blocks in my life including ones about my self worth and abundance.

You helped me to accept my feelings and know that they were ok, to learn to listen more, to realise destructive patterns and to communicate better.

You had belief in my abilities and that helped me push through my blocks about my own lack of self belief.

You were compassionate, caring, took no bullshit and pushed me to go deeper and see my truth.

My relationships have changed, I have met more like minded people. I feel more present in relationships, I communicate better, I listen more. And best of all my relationship with my children is easier.

Lauralea Matterson, Cranio Sacral Therapist and Nautropath

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