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You are Divine

I’ve spent a large amount of time over the past few days being very still.

I’m been thinking about what I wish to create.
I know what will unfold through my groups, Elegant Wealth and also the Intuitive Life Academy in 2024 – I know exactly what I am offering and how good it is.
I know what I desire for myself and my reality.
I tune into it, constantly because it’s a VIBE.
One lesson that the Universe has taught me deeply is detachment. Which can sound like a funny word – it can feel like it’s implying dis-connection.
But it’s the opposite of that.
It’s knowing that it’s already yours so you can let go of NEEDING it.
Truth is – you don’t NEED a lot of the things that you desire.
You probably don’t NEED more money, more love, more freedom.
Your life may be pretty amazing already.
But you desire it.

And it is your relationship with desire that is telling.

If you desire something to prove something to yourself or others, to affirm your worth, to validate yourself, to show others how great you are, to show life that you’re worthy – you are externalizing – i.e. making something outside of you more powerful than you. This depletes your power because in Truth there is nothing that has power outside of you.
It all comes back to what you are cultivating INSIDE of yourself.
The irony is when the desire is there, there is no resistance and you don’t need it anymore, you’ll receive it.
This can be totally annoying and frustrating to the ego – it can feel like a riddle that you can’t quite get.
To desire something but not need it.
To want something but to know yourself as worthy whether you receive it or not.
To know that your worth is not in things, trinkets, or money but in your relationship with yourself. And to TRULY and DEEPLY know this so your POWER remains in place whether there is money in your bank account or not.

When you know this, you know the Truth.

You know God.

God/Source/The Universe KNOWS itself. It is not separate from itself so it knows that if it has a desire it will be fulfilled.
As a human, we have to work with time and space.
As a soul, you can collapse time and space and KNOW yourself and receive from yourself/The Universe instantaneously.
You are not denied.
You are not overlooked or forgotten.
You are being asked to align with the mind of God.
KNOWING that all your desires can be manifested.
Trusting the experience of time and space as a human
Not needing to prove anything to anyone – just like the Universe doesn’t either.
The Universe does not need to prove itself to you.
You do not need to prove yourself to God or life, or others – or even yourself.
You need to cultivate your inner world – your inner garden and make it the most beautiful place to be, knowing yourself as whole, healed, and complete.
Knowing yourself as joyful, loved, and living in beauty.
Then all you desire is attracted to you, in perfect alignment.

Not because it’s “Divine Timing” but because you have done the work to align to the vibration.

You have dug the earth, planted the seeds, seen them grow, and get to sit back and enjoy the inner beauty that is you.
Glorious, Divine, Beautiful.
An incredible attractor or your own worth. Harmonizing your own vibration.
Loving the growth opportunities, disguised as contrast and negativity.
2024 is going to be Divine.
Because YOU ARE Divine.
Embrace this Truth and see your world expand

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Rebecca Davison

Rebecca Davison

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