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What is your intuition telling you about MONEY?

In my old life, I worked in a bank for 13 years. For 5 of those years, I worked in the prestigious Private Bank area of the bank, for customers with a high net worth. It was fascinating to see the difference in how wealthy people treated their money. They were on much better terms with it emotionally. They saw it as a partner and a tool to create with. They appreciated what they could do with it so they took calculated risks. They had what I would call money intelligence, which is a phrase for being FAMILIAR with money.

In my other roles in the bank, I saw a lot of FEAR and SEPARATION around money. People were petrified of being denied and afraid of being judged when it came to their money. I’ll never forget how soul-crushing it felt to turn people down for a loan, especially if it was for a house. The smell of dreams turning to toast is something I’ll never forget.

In the metaphysical world, money takes on a whole new dimension. Here are a few things I’ve learnt along the way.

1. People don’t love talking about money. It’s often seen as taboo or something that you do behind closed doors. Essentially this just shows us that people have shame around money. Whether they feel they have too much or too little, it’s best to take it out of the limelight. We need to create a new story around money. Preferably one that is light and playful. Have you noticed how serious banks are? People don’t usually want to hang out there. Start new conversations with your family and partner around money. Be brave and bring your beliefs to the table so you can elevate them and see if they are serving you.

2. Money is energy. Actually, it’s a piece of paper, plastic in some countries. So our emotional relationship to it is determined by US. We are the ones who determine whether money is “good” or “bad” so why not make it awesome? It’s an energy that unpins EVERYTHING that we do. The choices we make are often determined by whether we have enough money or not. This is simply giving your power away to money. Be bold enough to make the decision, then find the money. Hustle. Do what it takes. Use your skills. talents and your INTUITION to create a life that is limitless as you are CHOOSING YOURSELF. When you do the Universe says yes to you. You qualify yourself for abundance by choosing it.

3. Your intention is powerful. Yes, you want to identify your desires and see the outcome, give thanks for it and use your manifestation techniques but you also HAVE to take guided action. You will not manifest your dreams by visualising them every day. It’s a balance of using your imagination, heart and intuition to create your desire in your mind and energy field first and then taking guided action. Guided action means asking your intuition to guide you. What’s the next step? Show me where to go, what to do? When you do this you will open up doors and manifest exponentially faster. Action is required. You need to work with masculine and feminine principles. Feminine is the use of intuition and imagination and masculine is taking guided action to have it come to pass.

4. Your beliefs about money will stop you dead, especially if they are crap. You can’t receive what you judge. Let me say that again – you can not receive what you judge. Judgment is SEPARATION. When you judge someone else’s wealth you are instructing the Universe to keep it separate from YOU. Don’t compare, celebrate. See someone driving a flash car? Wish him 10 more. See someone in a beautiful home? Wish her joy at her creation. If you are making comparisons and judging others it will stop you from receiving it yourself.

5. Increasing your vibration and therefore your abundance is a process of assimilation. Most people can’t go from 0 to 100 within 6 seconds and maintain it. This is why lottery winners are broke a year after winning big. They haven’t developed the money intelligence to know how to hold it. Your increase in energetic frequency has to assimilated through your body which is the densest part of your energy field. Your central nervous system needs time to adapt so be kind to yourself! Manifesting can have side effects. I call these the manifestation blues. This is where you have manifested something so far out of your field of reality that it seems miraculous and it expands your energy field rapidly and suddenly. Our natural tendency as humans is to crave the familiar so it can freak us out and we can want to shut it down to feel safe. So we turn down our gifts, skills and talents as it feels TOO good, like too much is being given to us. We need to learn skills how to navigate this and to get comfortable turning up the dial of our manifestations so we don’t stop or get stuck. You are a limitless being in a body. What are you going to choose today? Keep turning the dial-up!

If you’d like to change your money story, clear your money blocks and create money intelligence then arrange your free 30-minute call with me today. Your money will love you for it!

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