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Energetic Alignment and Inner Power with 

Rebecca Davison


Hi Gorgeous! I’m Rebecca. I help people embody their power to create what they want by increasing their pleasure and following their intuition.

I work a lot with entrepreneurs to expand and grow their businesses but I also work with others to release the past, increase their happiness and experience flow when it comes to creating what they want.

We align you energetically to what you want so you can effortlessly receive it.


Pretty straight forward, right? 

Before I share more about me, here’s what I know about you. 

You’re powerful and you’ve embodied what you do. You’re good at it, amazing even. But you still don’t feel like you’re making the impact you desire. 

You’re ready to be seen more, in a way that feels natural and safe, so you can reach your ideal outcomes.

You want to communicate with others in a way that is authentic and truthful that moves them deeply and so they lean in and move towards YOU.

You desire to step into a 6 or 7-figure business but to do it in a way that feels easy, pleasurable and joyful rather than a hustle and grind. 

You want to create a business that allows you to serve more without adding more hours and stress. You want to feel free and inspired.

I feel you, because I’ve been there.

Back in 2018, I was making good money already at six figures, but I was EXHAUSTED. I felt stressed in my business and it was pulling on my enjoyment of it.

I had worked as a coach for one of the industry’s best, Christie Marie Sheldon, supporting her at her live events and in workshops. 

I was travelling all over the world – LA, Florida, Bali, Sydney all from my hometown of Christchurch, NZ so it looked like I was living the dream. But I was tired of the hustle and grind of always looking for clients and was becoming more and more concerned that what I was doing was not sustainable. 

I felt disconnected from my Truth even though I was endeavouring to speak it every day. It felt like my words were being swept away in the wind and not landing for my ideal clients. 

What happened next...

I do a yearly launch for a 12-month program and the year before I had 8 people sign up for my program. I was so hopeful for a more expanded experience. In 2019 had 8 people sign up….again!

It was a shock! I was so convinced it would be more! I had asked my intuition and thought that I was lined up. I desired it, I was good to go, and then….nothing. It was just the same no increase. What was I doing wrong? 

Little did I know at this point in time I had subconscious RESISTANCE. Some parts of me was not feeling safe about inviting people to work with me. 

Life can be strange. My Dad passed away in 2020 and even though I was grieving him I still kept on working. I shifted things around and launched again.

I hadn’t given myself a lot of time to grieve. This time when the doors closed, I had 20 people step in! I was delighted! But I also needed a 3-week holiday just from the launch process but I had to actually start the program!

I was like, WTF? It’s got to be easier than this! This was a HUGE reality check for me. I decided there has to be a better way. I was thinking about all the things. Does making more money mean more stress? Do you have to sacrifice yourself in order to meet the goal you desire?

So, I got to thinking, dreaming, and tuning into possibilities through my intuition, and here’s what landed. 

It’s time to create the business you desire, one that is pleasurable and profitable. 

This is what I discovered..


I’m so grateful for learning that you get to have it be the way you want it to be. You can have the money AND the ease.

It all comes down to these three things.


When you know how valuable you are you can stand strong in your power and attract to you what you desire as opposed to feeling like you need to chase it. This is the most important foundation and every seed of resistance you have will come back to how much you are willing to value yourself! Once you have this nailed, you’re good to go.


You have to know your desires, obviously, right? This can be harder than it looks. Your version of success is unique to you and will look different from how other people want it. You get to do you. You also need to know how to orientate yourself. For the longest time I didn’t know where to look because I had so much resistance in the way of seeing what I wanted to see. Clarity is king in terms of moving forward.


Being authentic isn’t for the purpose of a good meme. It’s about you peeling back the layers and allowing your beautiful heart to be seen and heard. It’s about allowing yourself to sing your soul song. It’s also about you becoming the Creator of your reality and expressing yourself in only the way you can. The world needs to hear your voice and to know your harmony. You must learn to transmit your OWN voice into the world - your unique expression of the Divine, free and clear of outside influences.

Once you know your value you can magnetize your desires.

Once you know where you’re going, you’ll get there faster.

Once you know which direction you are headed, your vision becomes clearer.

Once you know yourself as the Creator, you get to dance with the magic of the Universe.

The world is ready for you and your business to explode. 

Let’s get your inner world lined up to create the outer success you desire. 


Love Rebecca xxx

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