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Why intuition isn’t special.

A lot of people think that intuition is woo-woo, reserved for hippies, moonchildren and people called Rainbow. Well, intuition is not special. It’s about the same amount of special as BREATHING. It just is. However, when you think about it breathing is pretty special as it gives you more life – as does your intuition.

The thing about intuition though, is that it’s a choice. You can choose to activate it, work with and become really good at it. That is if you are interested in fabulous things like flow, synchronicities and manifesting effortlessly. Sounds too good to be true? Well, of course, if you don’t even believe you have intuition then you’re essentially cutting yourself from all good things. I don’t know about you but I love gifts and when you have gifts of spirit available to you, I’m choosing to be right up there at the front of the line.

So if you bump into someone and they tell you they’re psychic and you’re like “Oh, that’s so not me” try this on for size. Yes, you are. You just haven’t developed that skill set yet. Often this comes back to what we are curious about. If you are drawn to reading about Tarot, Wicca or you consume every spiritual development book out there then there’s a good chance that your soul is showing you something.

A few tips to start you on your way:

If you are naturally drawn to something know that you probably have skills in that area! Rather than feeling on the outside of it, see it as a nudge from the Universe.

Ask yourself questions. If you were 500% more intuitive than you are now – what do you imagine you would be doing in your life and world? How could it improve your life? (The list is endless. More money, fun, flow, positive vibes, physical energy, awareness, enjoyment, fulfilment, etc)

Developing your intuition is like working out. You go to the gym to work a muscle so you need to practice your intuition to get good at it, just like you do to lift those weights easily.

Just like anything else working your intuition every day is going to bring you faster results than dabbling once a week. When you commit to something you want to do it consistently.

What would you need to let go of to allow yourself to become supernatural? Your limiting beliefs? The fear that other people will judge you? Believe me, I have people scratching their heads that I have made a successful business out of what they consider to be flakey. Don’t allow the not so good opinions of others to hold you back from what your heart is naturally drawn to.

Inevitability activating your intuition means coming face to face with your spiritual power which is infinite, all-powerful and Divine. This freaks most people out as it’s SO vast. So the trick is to be supported in your journey so you don’t stop as soon as the fear comes up.

I’ve had to face a lot of fears on my journey and I’ve assisted others to move past their too so know that it’s totally possible and fear can actually become a marker of what to move TOWARDS rather than away from. That’s right – you can chase your fear down and when you know how to transcend it you will experience more love and joy than you ever thought possible.

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