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What the Universe wants you to know when you’re having a hissy fit.

Do you ever find yourself having a hissy fit? You know that feeling when you get triggered or your stuff comes up? The feeling when you know your ego is blocking and resisting your soul? Have you ever felt ashamed for feeling BAD? That somehow the Universe must be watching you and shaking it’s massive head in judgment of you and your inconsequential drama?

Well, I’m speaking from experience. It surprises me that we don’t see more of this in public forums like Facebook or social media. I mean, seriously, don’t you ever get frustrated that you can’t figure out what life means? That it can seem like a never-ending cascade of challenges that we’re somehow supposed to rise to, often without even feeling like we have a map, let alone a compass?!

I’ve ranted and raged at the Universe plenty of times. I mean PLENTY. I have always been the person who wanted to KNOW. I used to ask my chaplain in religious studies at school ” So, how did Jesus walk on water?” I was such a cynic. I wanted someone to explain it to me. 

This is what I have learned. It’s so mindblowing beautiful. Everytime I’ve shown up blaming the Universe for my life and dramas this has been the consistent energy and communication that I have received back. 

This is what the Universe wants you to know when you’re having a hissy fit. Written from the Universe’s perspective:

Beautiful child, 

Your feelings are valid. Don’t ever depreciate yourself for feeling BAD. I’m loving and accepting you as you are, in this moment or in any other moment. This moment, like all other moments in your life, will pass. We were friends before this moment and we will be friends afterwards. There is no feeling you can have that makes me love you less.

Always remember you have a choice. Your thoughts create a feeling in your body which contributes to how you feel emotionally and this effects your energy field. You have the power to choose your thoughts in any moment. You have the power to change them. 

You’re not WRONG if you’re experiencing a so called “bad” feeling. Feelings are a guidance system, not a judgment system. I have no desire or interest to judge YOU if you feel bad. Why would I do that? I do not WISH for you to feel bad!

However, your feelings are feedback for whether you are in alignment or not. If you feel good, you’re in alignment. If you don’t feel good, you’re out of alignment. This system is in place to assist you and to help you activate your power to CREATE and to make a choice in any moment. Essentially, you CHOOSE how much you will suffer. I will love you in your suffering and in your joy but please know, you are choosing it. 

When you know that your emotions are guidance system you can then create more awareness. Ask yourself., “What am I choosing in this moment?”. Even in your frustration where you feel removed from what you wish to experience I am present to you. I am ready, willing and here. I will respond but you must learn what it is to ASK. 

May I be so bold as to suggest you ASK me for help? I will always answer. It may not be in the way you expect but I will always respond in a way that serves you. It may not be instanteously but I will always answer. Your role to to seek the answers. Be aware. Be tuned in. Be lined up. Be open to hearing. You can always ask for clarification or if you are receiving my answers correctly. I will ALWAYS respond. 

When cruel things in your life occur I am still with you. I am not creating them. You are. Again, that does not make you wrong. It means you wish to GROW. You came to create, to grow, to perceive, to experience life. Part of experiencing life is seeing the light and the dark and being honest with yourself about both. You may feel in these times that we are disconnected. This is not true because it’s not possible. We are always connected. I am always loving you. 

It’s ok to be angry with me. Anger shows you where you feel disconnected from me. As with all your emotions, it’s showing you something. When you have the awareness you then have a choice. Choose me. I have forever chosen you. Choose me and I will show you kingdoms that you have not yet seen. I will show you experiences and vibrations that your mind can not fathom. 

Know that I am consistent. I am ever expanding. I am pure love and light and you are part of my creation. I can’t force you to choose me but as you are part of my creation I have already chosen you. I love you deeply and I am always open to us getting to know each other better. In fact I have been waiting for these moments of frustration so you will turn to me so I may assist you. I will help you grow. I will show you what love really is, if you allow me. 

That way you can turn to me in your sorrow AND your joy. I will show you JOY, if you allow me!

I will show you that your anger, frustration and rage are just as acceptable to me as your love, joy and happiness. However, I urge you to make choices that are favourable to you. I am not judging you. I am opening my arms to you, always. 

Your ever present loving Creator. 


This is information I have gleaned from the many, many, many times I have shown up to the Universe demanding an explanation, wanting to know WHY things are the way they are. When I have brought my poisonous, vicious and disempowered energy this has ALWAYS been the Universe’s loving repsonse. 

If you’re not in a place where you’re hearing your guidance so easily or so fluidly then I hope you take reassurance from the Universe that you can show up ANY way you like and you will STILL be loved. 

The beauty of that is when we are loved in our darkness and held in acceptance we open ourselves up to more light, to more of God/Goddess. 

Sending you many blessings of love and light, 

Rebecca xxx 








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