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How to use your intuition in 2018

First published in Soulfilled.com

Now more than ever we are increasingly aware of the need and desire to live in light frequencies.
What is a light frequency? Joy, Happiness, Bliss!
If you are not currently experiencing these energies then it’s a process of awareness to start learning what is required to shift into these paradigms. You know on a soul level that this is possible as there is always a part of you that is nudging you, prodding you and calling to you to experience MORE. More freedom, pleasure and abundance!
So how do we do this in a practical way? These 4 steps will help shift you into a space where it’s easier to access your intuitive guidance into 2018 and beyond.

1. Be as a child.

Have you ever noticed that a child can cry one minute and then laugh the next? Children are so present that they don’t slip into the mindset of “this feeling is right/good” or “this feeling is wrong/bad”. That is, they don’t judge themselves; they just feel the feeling and let it move
through them. Can you say the same? Do you love your anger, rage, jealousy as much as your happiness, pleasure and contentment? When we can allow our feelings to just be and accept that they all have value then we can accept our dark and our light, which brings us into wholeness.

Exercise: When you feel in a dark place, imagine the feeling knocking on your front door and when you open it you are looking at a child, whether it’s fear or anger or whatever intense emotion is present. Would you slam the door on a child, even if they were angry? No, of course not. Invite them
in, soothe them, give them a cuddle. You are extending yourself love and acceptance through this process.

2. Take time to play and activate your imagination.

Be a genius! Einstein regularly took time just to daydream. As he said, “Your imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” If you don’t know what you want OR the FEELING of what you want, then you are making it difficult for the Universe to deliver your desire. Schedule time in your
calendar to daydream and to call in your future. Take time just to feel.

Exercise: See yourself connected to your Higher Self and allow them to show you your life, six months or a year from now. What are you wearing? Who do you hang out with? What conversations are you having? How are you feeling about yourself, your intuition and your relationships? What is
happening with your money? When we connect to high frequencies we can draw into us energy that is beyond the mind and it’s through this frequency that we can experience quantum jumps in our manifestations. Go into detail, using all your senses. What is the ultimate version of you as
this future self? Tune in and see it all and feel the vibration of it so you can manifest it. Do this regularly. (If there is any discomfort there is a block or limiting belief that just needs to be released.)

3. Take full accountability for your life.

This is often an area that trips people up. We give away our power to the demands needs and expectations of others. I’m not saying not to meet other’s needs! But we need to meet our own FIRST. You can’t give from an empty cup and the best thing you can give other people is your own
happiness. You can’t be happy if you do not take full accountability for your life, period. Yip, that means not blaming anyone for anything. What happened may be a fact – i.e. someone abused you but what you make it mean is up to you. So are you going to do the work, clear the energy
around it and be free and clear? Or are you going to stay stuck, blame other people and stay in victim? This may feel harsh – accountability can often feel that way but it’s imperative to remember it’s a choice. Your power is in your choices so choose the best for yourself. Choose to be
accountable and you will be free.

Exercise: Know this – YOU create time. Have you ever noticed that when you are stressed you lose time? When you are relaxed it seems like you have more of it? Each morning use your imagination to see your energy expanded out to the heavens and into the Universe and state out loud “I have all the time in the world to get everything done in a relaxed and harmonious way.” You are claiming your ability as a creator being in a body to create time the way you want it to flow. If you have stressed thoughts throughout the day, notice if your energetic field is contracted. Expand it when you notice it’s contracted. Expand to the energy of the solution, no matter what is occurring. Practice this and reap the rewards of knowing yourself as unstoppable.

4. Get support.

Walking the intuitive pathway can often feel like you are taking a step and there is nothing underneath you. The path appears as we take the action of moving forward! As humans, we crave certainty so surround yourself with people on the same path. Sharing the insights you have can validate your experience and give you the confidence you need to take the next step forward. We are wired for connection so make sure you have a great support system in place and learn how to ask for help. Having the ability to ask for support can literally change your life, in some cases,
even save it. Realize that whatever you are feeling there are other people out there feeling the same. We are all connected through the Universal law of one mind. Be sure to tap into the energy of connection with Source energy AND with your fellow earth angels, aka other people!

Exercise: Ask for help this week from your Angels, Guides and from other people. As we know from the law of attraction, ask, believe and receive. If you are not asking you are not activating your ability to be able to receive. Open your energy up to become a powerful manifestor of your own
reality. Ask for anything and everything and notice what shows up. The Universe is always responding to your vibration. If you want to feel 100% supported by life, ask for the Universe to bring you that experience and it will!

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Sending you love and high frequency energy,

Rebecca xxxx

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