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The three stages of Intuitive Development and how they affect your happiness.

When it comes to getting to know ourselves on a deeper level, we need to be ok with navigating a process which has no handbook. The journey is unique and individual and will be different for everyone.

In saying that, in my coaching practice, I have seen three distinct levels of intuitive and spiritual development which have a significant impact on people’s levels of happiness.

The first stage is what I would refer to as the Initiate.

In this stage, we are still living from our ego and the rational mind. We tend to judge things as good or bad, black or white and can be very definitive in our thought processes. It’s the nature of the ego to endeavour to keep us safe. This can create feelings of separation that the world outside of us is not secure, and we need to be protected against it. For example, this can show up as people believing they need spiritual protection from others. There is often a lot of control in this first stage, such as needing to control others behaviour and even our own, as to how we show up with others. We wear masks to protect ourselves from the perceived judgement of others. We’re focused on material items and our need to accumulate them or our fear of losing them. We are looking outside of ourselves for external validation in the form of money, love and success. We are operating on the five senses only.

In this stage, there is unhappiness, fear and doubt. The question “Is this it?” will be coming to the surface. We are seeking more fulfilment and varying levels of unhappiness, despair and isolation are present. We’re learning that if we continue on the same path, it’s not looking too bright. It can feel downright awful as our ego lays siege. We may be experiencing negative situations end on end, which feels intense, overwhelming and like we are going just a little bit cray-cray. We’re getting to the point of “Enough already!” We’re very aware that something has to change and fast.

The second stage is the stage of the Manifestor/Creator.

We start to become more introspective and learn that to achieve higher levels of happiness that we need to look inside of ourselves for the answers. We begin to discover our intuition and become interested in learning about energy, frequency and vibration. We are starting to come to our real power, and we can experience a lot of dissonance in this stage as we let go of the old to make way for the new.

This stage is the death of the ego, and with all death, there comes charged emotions and a need to let go. This stage is the bridge where we learn to start creating from our true power proposition. We begin receiving signs from the Universe, such as repeating numbers or chills when we hear the truth. We start calling in our soul tribe and others who can help us on our path. We’re starting to value compassion, unity and acceptance, and we’re leaning into our real purpose. There’s a greater understanding of what it means to move beyond your ego, and we cultivate the courage to do that.

We start working with our energy centres or chakras and start to “know” things without being able to explain how. Often in this stage, we can feel alone and that we are breaking away from the rational world, but we are not too sure about where we are going just yet. This time is one of spiritual awakening, and it can be confusing and overwhelming, but we also have a sense of knowing to keep moving forward. As Steve Jobs said, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”

We can still experience uncertainty and doubt during this time, but we have increased moments of awareness and even grace. The path begins to smooth out some more. We have more willingness to look at ourselves and to do the work of letting go of our old “stories” and our limiting beliefs. The creator knows that if they keep going their happiness will exponentially increase although they may not be consciously aware of how, just yet.

In the final stage, we have moved well beyond the first stage of the Initiate. There is no going back. This stage is the Channel. 

We are embodying the attributes of selflessness and becoming an advocate for intuitive guidance. We want to help others on their journey of awareness. We no longer live in the realm of “good or bad”. We live in a place of greater understanding and choice rather than judgment and limitation. We become more concerned about what is right for all of us, rather than just the individual. We’re more aware of the planet as a whole and what part we play in contributing to it. We learn to love our family just as they are and let go of any obligations or expectations we may have of them.

Fear is released, and peace prevails. In this final stage, people experience harmony and even joy. They realise their life is a gift, not a punishment, and they can freely express gratitude for it. They’re able to show appreciation for all the people they have felt hurt by clearly seeing they are ones who have helped them to grow the most. They are powerful in their understanding of who they really are and are sharing that with others naturally. They have done the inner work of transcendence. 

So, where are you at in your journey? Are you yearning for more?

When we have an awareness of these three stages, it can give us more clarity around the process of our spiritual evolution. Can we speed the process up? Yes. By choosing to activate your intuition and look at our inner self intently. It can be a confronting process, but inevitably and without fail, it brings us higher levels of freedom and with that, happiness.

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Rebecca Davison

Rebecca Davison

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