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Terms of Service for Intuitive Mastery

Here are the terms of service for your placement in the Intuitive Mastery program:

  1. You must complete all payments for the payment option you signed up for including the payment plans which are 7 months and 10 months respectively.

2. Due to the nature of the work no refunds are issued

3. If you wish to withdraw from the program for any reason you must submit your request in writing to rebecca.davison@xtra.co.nz for review

4. You are not able to assign your place on the program to someone else

5. We commit to delivering the program content in the 7-month container. The only reason this would not happen is a Force Majeure – an act of God, such as earthquake, fire, flood, etc. We reserve the right to extend the timeframe of the program in order to honor this commitment.

6. By committing to the program you are also confirming you are not placing yourself in financial hardship in order to complete it. Although we help you to shift and rearrange your beliefs please accept financial responsibility for your commitments and invest accordingly.

7. Late payments will incur a late payment fee of $50 USD. If you have not rectified your payment within 7 days you will be removed from the program.

8. You must absolutely honor the privacy of all the other attendees. This is imperative! This is a deeply personal and sacred space. You will be given guidelines on how to share your feelings and also how to witness others. Please treat each other with the respect and kindness you would like extended to yourself.

9. You are provided with information and tools that will change your life if you implement them. Your results are up to you. Often with the process of change comes resistance. We are here to support you through that. If you feel you are struggling with anything you must speak up so we may assist you. This is a tight-knit space. We see all of you but you must be willing to commit deeply to the work. When you do you will see amazing results.

10. Your soul is never offended but your ego often is, especially when presented with Truth and where you may be doing things that are not serving you. When you step into the program you are demonstrating that you have emotional resiliency and that at times although your ego may feel uncomfortable you are willing to work with that and move through it to get the outcomes you desire.

11. All information, oral or written material, methods of presenting and coaching, business methods, policies, procedures provided to you by Rebecca Davison & The Intuitive Life Academy, and any additional modules included in but not identified in this Agreement are proprietary and are the sole intellectual property of Rebecca Davison and Rebecca Davison International Limited. Please honor the work and do not share it with others.

12. If you choose to step into coaching work at the end of the program and wish to use the charts and information provided to you through Intuitive Mastery you are more than welcome to do so, once you have received permission in writing.

13. If there are issues arising from this agreement arbitration will be sought under New Zealand law as the Intuitive Life Academy and Rebecca Davison International Ltd are based in New Zealand.

14. Information from the program is given to you by digital means. This includes emails, replays, and written correspondence. We accept no liability for hacks, viruses, or malware from accessing this information and ask that you have your own security measures in place for protecting yourself online.

15. If you have committed to the 10-month payment plan you understand that you will be making payments beyond the timeframe of the container.

16.Once you step into the program these terms become binding from the day you step in. Once the program is completed liability ends for Rebecca Davison international Ltd.