Why intuition isn’t special.

A lot of people think that intuition is woo-woo, reserved for hippies, moonchildren and people called Rainbow. Well, intuition is not special. It’s about the same amount of special as BREATHING. It just is. However, when you think about it breathing is pretty special as it gives you more life – as does your intuition. The thing about intuition though, is that it’s a choice. You can choose to activate it, work with and become really good at it. That is if you are interested in fabulous things like flow, synchronicities and manifesting effortlessly. Sounds too good to be true? Well, of course, if you don’t even believe you have intuition then you’re essentially cutting yourself from all good things. I don’t know about you but I love gifts and when you have gifts of spirit available to you, I’m choosing to be right up there at the front of the line. So if you bump into someone and they tell you they’re psychic and you’re like “Oh, that’s so not me” try this on for size. Yes, you are. You just haven’t developed that skill set yet. Often this comes back to what we are curious about. If you …

Living Intuitively in a Rational World

In life, we see the focus on the rational mind consistently. In the modern world, the mind and intellect have been given the highest priority and in the process, we have lost our connection with so many things like the natural world and our ancient wisdom. It’s sad to see people being disconnected now more than ever from the world around them. We are living in the past or the future, not the NOW. Now is where life IS. Where there is space to connect to our infinite self and tune to the ancient wisdom that has been with us all along. How do we create this space for ourselves in a world full of noise and distraction?