What is your intuition telling you about MONEY?

In my old life, I worked in a bank for 13 years. For 5 of those years, I worked in the prestigious Private Bank area of the bank, for customers with a high net worth. It was fascinating to see the difference in how wealthy people treated their money. They were on much better terms with it emotionally. They saw it as a partner and a tool to create with. They appreciated what they could do with it so they took calculated risks. They had what I would call money intelligence, which is a phrase for being FAMILIAR with money. In my other roles in the bank, I saw a lot of FEAR and SEPARATION around money. People were petrified of being denied and afraid of being judged when it came to their money. I’ll never forget how soul-crushing it felt to turn people down for a loan, especially if it was for a house. The smell of dreams turning to toast is something I’ll never forget. In the metaphysical world, money takes on a whole new dimension. Here are a few things I’ve learnt along the way. 1. People don’t love talking about money. It’s often seen as taboo …

Living Intuitively in a Rational World

In life, we see the focus on the rational mind consistently. In the modern world, the mind and intellect have been given the highest priority and in the process, we have lost our connection with so many things like the natural world and our ancient wisdom. It’s sad to see people being disconnected now more than ever from the world around them. We are living in the past or the future, not the NOW. Now is where life IS. Where there is space to connect to our infinite self and tune to the ancient wisdom that has been with us all along. How do we create this space for ourselves in a world full of noise and distraction?