My Cacao Ceremony Experience

On Thursday night I had my first ever Cacao Ceremony at the Yoga Barn in Bali. I was invited by the Hannah who I met here in Bali as we have the same coach and are here to do a 2-day retreat with our coach next week. Described as food of the gods and a historically revered plant food I was intrigued so it was a no-brainer for me to say YES! It was run by Levi Banner who has trained with a cacao shaman in Peru. He combines the use of ceremony with ceremonial grade cacao to create an experience described as offering “unique heart explosions”. So, it’s a beautiful evening in Ubud, Bali and we come into the ceremony space in the centre of which is a fire. The bowls of cacao are lined up around it. We sit down on the cushions laid around in a circle and Levi starts speaking to us. To put this in context I had had a ROUGH day. I’d received an email where I’d been slammed – about what I offer in my business and that essentially it doesn’t have any value. (That’s the edited story) The hardcore truth is – …

self love

Do you know yourself as love?

So many people feel separate from love. What if I told you that you ARE love already so you can never be separate from it? How would you start showing up, if you knew yourself as love? When you start to tune in intuitively you can see clearly that people are in varying degrees of fear or love. Does fear keep you from being open in love? Fear is contraction, and love is expansion. So the key then, is to be in love, all the time.