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Saying YES! to Abundance

Are you turned on when it comes to money?

I recently asked this in a FB post – “Do you love money?” Most people said yes. A few said no. However, the curious thing was that even though most people said yes, are they acting and behaving in a way that demonstrates that they truly love money? Intuitively, the answer is no.

When you love money you don’t come to that relationship with FEAR. When you’re in relationship with a person and they are running the energy of fear it feels kind of icky, right? They’re not in their power and it makes you feel awkward too.

It’s the same with MONEY. Do you know what it means to consciously create a CARE-FUL relationship with money where you are bringing care, love and attention to how money FEELS?

After working in a bank for 13 years I learned a lot about how wealthy people acted when it came to their relationship with money. They trusted it and they trusted themselves to be able to create it. They took action to have it come into their lives. It never fails to amaze me how people can get caught up in wanting to “manifest’ something and they are not taking ACTION. This is incongruous and they don’t get the results they want.

Can you use energy tools to help you get the results you want, faster? Absolutely. Do you have to take action?? Yes, it’s imperative. The real question is, will you do what it takes to create wealth so you can enjoy your reality in a whole different way? Are you prepared to say YES to life and to get out of your own way? Will you learn what it takes to tune in and be guided to take action that will quantum leap you towards what you want?

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