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Making Sex Sacred

To take sex from ordinary to supersonic we must allow for the Divine into our sex lives. My understanding of sex is that it is an exchange of energy, a communication between me, my partner and the Divine. In it’s perfect completion it results in the miracle of new life so sex in itself is an act of creation. So the question is, what are you creating? Or if sex is a form of communication – what are you saying?

Everything is energy so to transform sex into the supersonic and something beyond ourselves then you must invite spirit to be with you when you are in the act of creation, make it a conscious part of your love making. So how do you create more joy, intimacy, and harmony in your sex life?

1) I can’t stress this tip enough – get clear. Let go of any shame, guilt or lower vibrations from your sexual self.

Anywhere there are limiting beliefs or conflicts, connect to source energy and ask for them to be cleared from your field. Set the intention that you are now brand new and clear, allow source energy to move through your body and take all the clutter so you can shine sexually. Make this part of your daily spiritual practice. Take a moment right now, a deep breath and ask for source energy to clear this from your field. Anywhere from your past relationships, anywhere you have absorbed some limiting belief from popular culture, anywhere you have judged yourself sexually. Intention is powerful and Source Energy can show you the way but you must ask for assistance. It is safe right and good for you to be sexual, attractive and having a pleasurable and joy-filled sex life!

2) Celebrate your ability to have sex!

It is a delicious present from other realms to remind you of one of the strongest of human desires as human beings – to create. To create children, harmony, connection, stress relief, contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, conscious giving and to bring more love into the world. Show gratitude and respect for this amazingness!

3) Realize that your relationship is an extended act of foreplay!

Send love to your partner when you think of them, focus on what you love about them to create more of it and so they can energetically feel your praise and attention. Create a happy home through doing this on a consistent basis so you are living in a pool of delicious lovingness at all times. Do this whether you are living with your partner or not to create an attractive environment filled with openness and ease.

4) Do what it takes to make each other feel safe, trusted and respected.

Amazing sex has these values as its foundations. What words do you speak to each other? Are they full of loving kindness and respect? Do they create more openness and trust? Or are you shutting your partner down – energetically? Consciously? Unconsciously? Choose loving, open words full of respect to be able to create that safe forum for magical sex.

5) Take a few moments. Busy, busy, busy? Take 30 seconds to look into your partner’s eyes.

Try it. It’s a challenge! To hold someone’s gaze for that period of time allows you to connect like never before, to be seen and validated and requires courage and vulnerability to do so. Intimacy – in to me see – in this case, literally. It will open things inside of you and allow for more – more love, joy, contentment, and connection. Try it again and this time send love from your heart through your eyes to the person you are looking at – notice the difference, which is huge. Take it a step further and place your hand on the heart of your partner. This is truly how to take things supersonic – try it and see.

6) Consciously ask source energy to come into your body when you are engaging sexually.

All the way down through your body and into your root chakra and into your genitals. Ask that this energy expand out and create openness, for women with the intention of receiving and for men with the intention of giving. Hold the intention of love and connection in your energy field and offer that as your gift to your partner. Relax your body so source energy can move through you freely.

7) To create attraction there needs to be an arc of polarity between the masculine and feminine energies.

If you and your partner are both in your masculine then it can feel competitive. If you are both in your feminine it may feel less directed, more receptive. Be aware that each of you will be in varying states of these energies at any one time and to create the best sizzle is when the arc is strongly polarized between the masculine and feminine energies. This changes for both partners as all of us carry masculine and feminine energy within us. Just as at times there will be a desire for different types and styles of sex, playful, more forceful, slow, tender, etc then so too will your masculine and feminine energies wax and wane. Be aware of this to bring more consciousness to your lovemaking. What do I need to be able to get into my feminine energy so lovemaking is more pleasurable for both of us? ( i.e. for a woman who has been working all day in her masculine energy.) A bath, a massage, candles, romance? Express your needs to your partner and even state that you need some time to get into your feminine or masculine energy as the case may be.

8) Listen to your body during sex. 

Are you able to make yourself vulnerable enough to receive the other person? Is the exchange of sexual energy balanced and harmonious? If not then what is the energetic block in the way? Only by exploring it can you begin to understand it. The greatest sexual organ is your mind so it’s worth exploring any emotional issues attached to sex to embody its fullness and allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to be truly seen by your partner. This applies to both men and women.

9) The ability to reach orgasm is an act of surrender and letting go.

It is a transformative portal through which source energy can communicate with us and remind us how spectacular life can be. Honor that. Respect that. Trust it. And your partner also. If orgasm is elusive for you send yourself love and not judgment. Experiment, especially with your breath. TOP TOP: Try panting – shorter and sharper intakes of breath can go a long way to help you reach orgasm. Do what you need to feel safe and allow yourself to be able to let go. Through sex, you are engaging in a miracle producing process. Be grateful and full of love and wonder in regards to it. Like staring at the stars on a beautiful clear night always keep your enchantment for the blessing that sex is.

Wishing you the full beauty of a spiritual sex life to transform you in ways you never thought possible.

In light of reading this article it may have opened your eyes to what is possible for you in your sexual and sensual life. Contact me today to discuss how we can develop this adventure for you further to create the sex life that you know is possible.

Many blessings,

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