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Releasing the wounds of our parents.

Growing up is hard to do.

There can be many wounds we receive from our parents. Our own and sometimes theirs too.

Being an adult means moving into accountability and part of that process is realizing that our parents were doing the best they could with the skills they had at the time. Yes, sadly, this involves even when they were not able to meet our emotional needs or, when the patterns they knew and had learned, were in fact, abusive.

However, although it can be challenging, taking accountability and full ownership of our lives is incredibly rewarding and will lead to great personal gains. When we realize that it’s redundant to blame our parents for the way they behaved we can gain more freedom to live a life of our choosing. We realize that we have the power within us to heal and release anywhere we are carrying energy, wounds or pain for them. That can be incredibly liberating and in turn, can sometimes create a closer and more compassionate relationship with the people who brought us into the world.

All children innately desire for their parents to be happy.

The rite of adulthood comes with realizing that our parents are responsible for their own happiness, not us. We are only responsible for our own.

When we can release the entanglements then we are free to move forward in autonomy and create what we truly wish to experience.

This is one of the many reasons I love intuitive coaching work so much. In the course of even one session, we can identify many of those entanglements and the places where you are carrying energy for others because on some level you may believe this is loving. What is loving for YOU, is to set it down. To choose to be free of what is not yours. You are not accountable for the wounds of your parents. They are.

From this place, we can truly allow ourselves to step into a greater level of awareness around what does make us happy and how we can give that to ourselves. My dad always told me that happiness is an inside job. That’s the best place to start looking to find it.

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Many blessings,

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