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Profit Accelerator

Now more than ever before lightworkers are being called upon to step UP and step OUT in order to help others. 

It’s imperative that we let go of ancient archetypes of poverty or doing spiritual work for nothing. It’s time to be Divinely compensated and trust in your own humility to help others transcend. Your work is powerful. Your work is needed. But…you are quite possibly standing in your own way. And, gulp…….deep down, you KNOW IT. 

You need to do your work from a place of PROFIT.  Overgiving and people-pleasing serve no-one! A common goal for new business owners is $10k a month so Profit Accelerator gives you the skills to get there and release any resistance in the way of making it happen!

What is this? 

Profit Accelerator is just that – the opportunity to accelerate your profit in a short amount of time. It’s a 3-month container. Are you ready to let go of the past and to step into your new future, one that is PROFITABLE and a whole lot more fun than poverty and scarcity?

You’ll learn:

How to package your offer so it’s juicy and vital – so good that YOU would buy it yourself. 

How to price your offer. Chances are you are lowballing it or offering sessions. Time to scrap that and evolve into a new level of offer. One that you feel delighted with!

How to sell your offer. Most people have discomfort around asking for the sale. You’ll learn what it takes to invite offers to work with you in a way that feels comfortable to receive. 

What’s included:

Multiple videos – Learn what it takes to plug your money leaks, strengthen your boundaries and the energetics of money so you can collapse time and step into your abundance, now. 

Weekly coaching sessions to help you craft your offer and gain the practice you need to actually turn an offer into a sale. It takes confidence to show up on a prospective call with a client! You’ll learn what it takes and how to change it into an amazing transformation call for your client – and for you!

Energy Clearings will be included as part of the calls so you can create a  bigger container to hold more energy in the form of money. We’ll work with your chakras to open your energy up to receiving money.

BONUS: Q and A sessions to answer all the questions to get things moving!

You know you have skills and you know you can help people. There’s a good chance you haven’t embodied that yet to the place where you are inviting people to work with you on a consistent basis and in a way that feels safe and good – and PROFITABLE! 

Are you:

Running the energy that people want what you are offering?  Believing in yourself?

Charging your worth? Reaching out to people to create sales? 

Having those conversations? Enjoying it all? 

If you are stuck on any of these points it’s going to slow you down. Slowing yourself down results in a lack of clients, not feeling supported and starting to doubt yourself. It’s like riding a bike – you have to get a certain amount of momentum going before you actually can feel like you can relax and enjoy it!

I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them grow their business, increase their sales, and most importantly, enjoy what they are doing. 

I know what I offer WORKS. My previous program Intuitpreneur was offered at $4444 USD.

What you get:

Multiple videos including Money Energetics, Strengthen your boundaries and Collapsing Time to Experience Profit Now        VALUE $795

Ongoing weekly coaching sessions to craft your offer, set your pricing to profitable, and explore the soul-led sale conversation to create delight for you and your potential sacred client.         VALUE $3000

BONUS: Attachment Clearing Process   Value $295  (Energetically this process is PRICELESS) 

Soul lead sales conversation script  VALUE $495

Q and A sessions –  VALUE $600

Total Value of Profit Accelerator: $5185 USD 

The investment for Profit Accelerator is only:

$1997 or 3 payments of $675 USD

What you’ll receive at the end:

An offer that you love and feel excited about sharing with others

Pricing that you are delighted about

The ability to have those conversations that result in a sale

The ability to get you feeling GOOD about your offer so you can be excited to invite people into working with you!

A PLAN TO MAKE $10k a month which will happen if you implement!

It’s not as hard as you think. In fact, it can be super easy and FUN! There is nothing as fun as showing up to your purpose and creating profit.


Once you have processed your payment you’ll be taken to a page with a link to the private Facebook group. 

Inside the Facebook group, you’ll find more details to set you started and to register for your first call. 

Call times are confirmed with attendees across most time zones. Please ask for more details. 

The payment plan is charged monthly.

YIPEE! Let’s GO! 

Not sure if this is for you? That’s totally ok! Let’s have a conversation as there’s a range of ways that I can help you.

CLICK HERE to arrange a time to chat and we will explore the possibilities,

Love Rebecca xx

P.S. Here’s how it works, I will give you the skills to be able to invite clients to work with you in a profitable way in a short period of time. We’ll be calibrating your energy to speed. However, people integrate as fast as they allow. I will do everything in my power to support you. but you must choose speed to apply for this program. 

There will be an opportunity to continue to support you at the end of the three months so we can pour love into you and help you get to those $10k months. However, you gotta promise me two things. 

It’s totally your intention to get to $10k months as soon as possible by doing this program

You’ll do what it takes to get there in the shortest amount of time possible. 

I’m dedicated and committed to serving lightworkers as I know we need you to help others awaken and bring more peace onto the planet. And we need you NOW. Not six months from now, not even a week from now. NOW. 

So – I’m saying this is your GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. Usually, sales programs go for a much higher investment – why? Because they give you the skills to make MONEY – endlessly! I want this container to be like a lightning rod that propels you into your next level of awesomeness so high action and implementation are required.

You with me? Good! Let’s do this. NOW! 

Love Rebecca xxx 

NB: Due to the nature of the offering and the fact that you receive valuable information as soon as you enter the program there are no refunds. 

You are liable for all payment plans and the investment offer you choose. 

You have access to the information for the timeframe that you are in the container. You may choose to stay in the container for longer and if so then we will arrange ongoing payments with you.