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Practicing Gratitude…when you don’t feel grateful.

As an Intuitive Coach it’s my job to bring the light, the love and the inspiration. I help people to raise their vibration and to live an inspired life, one filled with pleasure, freedom and abundance. 

One of the fastest ways to do this, we are taught, is through practising gratitude. 

BUT what happens when you DON’T FEEL grateful? When you’ve experienced a  whole bunch of shitty situations? Perhaps it’s been a heartbreak or some thing devastating? The loss of a loved one or child? It maybe just the day to day stuff.  The cat is sick and the washing machine has broken down and Tommy is grizzly and your boss is on your arse about a deadline? Where is there even TIME to practise gratitude? 

It’s enough to want make you want to shove that gratitude somewhere the sun don’t shine. 

So, what to do? 

Gratitude was the first thing that came into my awareness as I started to go deep into my personal development journey. Back in the day, MindValley or Finer Minds as it was known in the early days, created something called a Gratitude Journal. The idea was that every day you would log into a portal and share 10 things that you felt grateful for. 

To start it was odd. Hard, even. I remember one day only being grateful for having arms and legs as it was the only thing I could think of.  I figured there are people who don’t so it was something to be grateful for. In hindsight I was pretty depressed at the time. I had recently gotten divorced, was drinking too much and I was in full blown victim mode. But showing up to this practice everyday was slowly but surely helping. You see, unbeknown to me, I was literally rewiring my brain. Neural pathway by neural pathway I was clawing back my sanity and my ability to be happy. I was reclaiming my power to CHOOSE what I focused on. 

The most powerful aspect of gratitude is it helps you to be very aware of what you ALREADY have.

When we have experienced loss it can be easy to focus on what is gone and end up feeling sad and powerless about it. This work is all about changing the ratios. If you spend more time on what you feel grateful for, over time it will bump you up as the thoughts create the neural paths which affect your chemistry.  This creates a change in the way you feel emotionally and even physically. You can then end up running a positive loop of energy by thinking about gratitude, it creates a feeling of gratitude in your body.

That’s why it’s a PRACTICE. Something that you come back to over and over again. I see it as a gateway to the Divine. When we choose to walk through the gate of gratitude the Universe can gift so much to us. However, we must first do the work to raise our vibration to be able to receive the wonder of the Divine. 

So the best thing to do? Start, and don’t ever stop. 

Even if you THINK it’s not working, keep going. This can often feel like you’re overriding your rational mind. You are. Keep going until you actually FEEL GOOD in your body.

There’s ALWAYS time to practice too. Ask your kids what they are grateful for at the dinner table. Say ten things you’re grateful for in the shower each day. Make it a ritual like that moring cup of joe. Always do it at the start of your day, you’ll appreciate your life, other people and everything that happens so much more. You’re literally setting your energy and encoding yourself and your energy field with what YOU want rather than letting life do it for you. You’ll even be able to see the gift in shitty situations. For example, how amazing it is to love our families and to be grateful for the time we do have with them. 

If you want to be happy, choose gratitude and choose it now. They’ve done studies that if you write down 10 things that you’re grateful for in a period of two weeks you will have increased your happiness by 25%. Do your own experiment, try it and see but just keep going after the 2 week period!

To stay in a high vibe and be supported on a daily basis to choose gratitude be sure to join the Intuitive Life Academy FB group here. 

Sending you many blessings of love, light and appreciation,

Rebecca xx



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