From overcoming shame to embracing authenticity, Sophia Spallino shares her inspiring journey to success on the Intuitive Abundance Podcast. 


Sophia Spallino known as the The Go-To Social Media Strategist and Profitable Personal Brand™ Coach for Queer Women and Allies. She is your go-to business wing-woman, social media strategist, and personal brand coach (who just happens to be an inter-spiritual lesbian harpist). 


She helps purpose-driven female service providers and soul-led coaches around the world build wealth and multiply their revenue with social media strategy. 

Get Inspired on building energetic momentum and changing environments to manifest your desired outcomes. 

Don’t miss out on this empowering episode! 



What You’ll Learn From This Episode 



“You have to pivot from the small-town mindset of ‘I’m going to make everyone happy! and I’m going to try to sell to everybody!’ to the big money mindset that is ‘I am going to serve ‘the one’’. – Sophia Spallino 

Topics Covered: 


03:08 – Sophia’s journey as an inter-spiritual lesbian harpist, and her expertise in social media strategy and branding. 

05:44 – Discussion on navigating personal identity, professional branding, and overcoming societal challenges. 

06:08 – The Impact of visibility and personal branding on wealth creation 

07:07 – Dealing with rejection and acceptance in your personal and professional life.  

16:17 – The role of spirituality and identity in business. How spirituality and personal identity influence business practices and success. 

21:04 – Leveraging viral content for business growth. Insights on using viral content strategically to boost business growth. 

25:06 – Addressing shame and embracing personal stories in business. Sophia talks about overcoming shame and the power of embracing and sharing personal stories in business contexts. 

28:14 – Encouraging representation and support for the queer community. A call for more representation and support for the queer community in business and media. 

32:10 – Sophia provides final thoughts and advice on personal growth, embracing identity, and business success. 



Key Takeaways: 

“Not enough queer people are out there making waves in the world yet.” – Sophia Spallino 

“There’s nothing that’s not possible.” – Sophia Spallino 

“I’m going to be the lesbian Tony Robbins.”– Sophia Spallino 

“Share your story very strategically once you have a sales process in place.”– Sophia Spallino 

“Do not build a house on any lack of solid land because you’re going to be in trouble.”– Sophia Spallino 



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