Are you ready to live your dream reality?

How can you free yourself from the loop of constantly chasing something yet never truly feeling satisfied with where you are?

Begin to vibrate at a frequency of contentment and abundance. And discover the role of money in your dream reality rather than a hindrance. Your ascension pathway is much more powerful than money – it is about accepting your true frequency and embracing your true self.

Rebecca Davison helps spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs achieve bigger abundance by doing the inner work for their money to grow. She founded the Intuitive Life Academy to assist individuals on their spiritual leadership journey.

If you’re ready to create your own wealth, abundance, and the frequency you want to live in, this episode is a must-listen! Remember, you are worthy of all the abundance and success that comes your way.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

“Have a deep relationship with the truth of who you are. One that makes your soul sing,  One that lights your heart up. That is when you know that you’re living your dream reality.”

-Rebecca Davison


Topics covered:

01:37 – How to live in the moment, find joy, and how the universe can help you feel more content

06:41 –  Transforming your vision into your dream reality with confidence while unleashing your inner strength

08:18 –   Embrace the concept of self acceptance and releasing any form of resistance in order to manifest the life you truly desire

14:18 –  Managing your ego and thoughts can help you live a life of ease and contentment, free from worry and guilt

17:04 –  By aligning with the love, forgiveness, and acceptance energy, the dream becomes the reality of the present, and money becomes less of a priority, leading to happiness, blessings, and love.

20:32 –  Having strong connections with who you really are is essential for living your dream life and money is just one part of that. The way up is stronger than money, relationships, and identity.


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