Is money causing tension in your relationship?  Are you tired of fighting with your partner about money? Do you want to improve your financial relationship and create abundance together?

One common challenge in relationships is having different values when it comes to money. For example, one partner may prioritize security while the other values possessions. This can lead to conflicts over spending and saving.

Rebecca emphasizes the importance of having regular money conversations with your partner and being aware of each other’s dreams, goals, and desires. By understanding your partner’s money story and values, you can find common ground and make joint financial decisions that align with your vision for the future.

Rebecca Davison helps spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs achieve bigger abundance by doing the inner work for their money to grow. She founded the Intuitive Life Academy to assist individuals on their spiritual leadership journey.

Don’t let money become a source of conflict in your relationship.

Tune in to this episode of the Intuitive Abundance podcast and start building a strong foundation of financial harmony with your partner. Remember, a healthy relationship with money is essential for a fulfilling and abundant life.

What you’ll learn from this episode

“Be the couple that sets financial goals and works them out together. Don’t be in the energy of being too individual, be in the energy of ‘we’ and create this together.” – Rebecca Davison

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Topics Covered:

00:09 – Importance of Money Conversations in Relationships:  money is a common cause of arguments in relationships. The impact of money on quality of life and the need for regular money conversations.

02:39 –  Aligning Vision and Goals, the significance of being on the same page regarding long-term dreams and goals.

05:40 –  Value Proposition and Conflict Resolution, address conflicts that arise from different value propositions in relationships.

12:14 – Emotional Awareness and Language, be aware of emotions and language used during money conversations.

16:17 – Debt Management and Power Dynamics, the impact of debt on relationships and the need for clear communication.

23:18 –  Taking Responsibility and Financial Preparedness, the need for individual financial responsibility within a partnership.

30:04 –  Monthly Money Meetings and Review, advocates for monthly money meetings to review financial goals and address concerns.

32:45 – “God, Men, and Money” the upcoming transformation program for the Intuitive Life Academy.

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