Are you ready to cultivate a worry-free relationship with money?

In this episode of the Intuitive Abundance podcast, Rebecca Davison explores the metaphysical aspects of money and how your thoughts and feelings shape your financial reality.

Rebecca Davison helps spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs achieve bigger abundance by creating a solid foundation, setting clear boundaries, and establishing a container for their money to grow. She founded the Intuitive Life Academy to assist individuals on their spiritual leadership journey.

Discover the power of trust, intuition, and self-belief in attracting abundance. Learn how to shift your mindset, release guilt, and embrace your worthiness to create a harmonious relationship with money.

Imagine trusting the universe and your intuition to guide you toward financial success. Learn how to shift your mindset and cultivate a positive relationship with money, allowing it to flow effortlessly into your life.

Join the conversation and unlock the pathway to financial freedom and fulfillment. Tune in now!

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:


Worry-free money is the result of cultivating a trusting relationship with yourself and the universe. – Rebecca Davison


Topics Covered

00:14 – Explaining the metaphysical aspect of thoughts and feelings in relation to money.

01:09 – The importance of trust in the universe and intuition for a worry-free relationship with money.

04:18 – Examining the meaning attached to money and how it affects your relationship with it.

10:40 – The role of the ego in resisting belief system changes and the need for forgiveness and acceptance.

13:06 – Choosing happiness and fulfillment independent of external circumstances.

18:05 – The relationship between money and the Universe, and the importance of a worry-free relationship with both.

22:48 – The transformative power of money coaching and the connection between money and self-worth.

24:45 – Invitation to join the Elegant Wealth Facebook group for wealth cultivation and training opportunities.

25:12 – Conclusion and encouragement to follow soul guidance and embrace money as a pathway to abundance and fulfillment.

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