Are you tired of wondering where your money went and feeling stressed about your finances?  


It’s time to develop a positive mindset and discipline around money so you can enjoy spending it on the things that matter to you.  


Join Rebecca as she shares her insights on how to create a value proposition for spending money that leads to happiness and abundance, rather than creating money trauma.  


Rebecca Davison is an Intuition Coach and is the founder of The Intuitive Life Academy. She helps people to develop their inner guidance system and step into spiritual leadership so they can lead themselves to their ideal outcomes, including massive abundance.    



What you will learn from this episode: 




“If you are spending money in alignment with your values, I guarantee you that is going to increase your happiness; not because of the money, but because of how you’re choosing to spend it.” – Rebecca Davison 


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How you receive money will determine how you spend money 



Topics Covered: 


01:15 – Spending your money in a way that feels good 

05:24 – Join the ‘Elegant Wealth’ Facebook group 

07:12 – Make a plan on how you spend your money 

09:35 – The concept of short-term versus longer-term spending: your perspective about living for the moment or living for the future  

10:17 – Knowing your value proposition when it comes to spending money: Your Intuition versus your rational mind 

16:26 – Getting creative when having fun: “You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun.”  

19:42 – Developing a pleasurable relationship with money: “It’s important that your relationship with money is pleasurable. You want to feel grateful every time you get paid.” 

25:09 – Biggest takeaways in spending money 


Key Takeaways: 


“Learning what it is to have that discipline around money is important to ensure that the money goes to the right places. And then it just feels like you’re taking care of yourself. You’re creating a system that is supportive.” – Rebecca Davison 


“When your money comes in, have it all go wherever it needs to go. One of those things being some savings, because that’s really good for your psyche.” – Rebecca Davison 


“To save money, it’s actually a mindset thing, which is about discipline.” – Rebecca Davison 


“Nobody can tell you how to spend your money; that is your choice. But, is it going to the things that you ultimately really value?”  – Rebecca Davison 


“Even if you have debt, please make sure that you are allocating some money towards pleasure; get creative. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun.” – Rebecca Davison 


“Know that money is value; make sure you’re very aware of how you distribute that value. Because that is going to impact your relationship with money.” – Rebecca Davison 


it doesn’t have to be expensive in terms of experiencing fun and pleasure with your money.” – Rebecca Davison 


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