Everyone wants to feel financially secure and have their money protected for the future. 

But the challenge lies in the lack of financial literacy and the understanding of safe money strategies.  


Many individuals are unaware of the risks associated with traditional investment methods and may not have the necessary legal documents in place to safeguard their assets. 


By working with a financial expert like Kris Miller, individuals can learn about safe money strategies, create a solid financial plan, and protect their assets for the long term.  


Kris Miller is the founder and CEO of Healthy Money Happy Life. She is a Legacy Wealth Strategist, and over the last 30 years she has helped over 6000 individuals, families and businesses avoid financial disaster by getting real about their money with strategic planning. 


Empower yourself with the knowledge needed to protect your wealth. 


Topics covered: 

Kris’ Gift to the Audience: Your Next Chapter Checklist For the Changes in Your Life  https://pages.healthymoneyhappylife.com/your-next-chapter1234  



Topics Covered: 

02:01 – Kris Miller’s experience and impact   

03:03 – The importance of financial security   

05:47 – Mainstream investment myths   

07:12 – Longevity and retirement planning   

08:01 – Kris Miller’s start in the financial industry, the evolution of Kris Miller’s business and legal services   

13:13 – The impact of health emergencies on finances   

22:13 – The next chapter checklist for financial preparedness   

 28:20 – The advantages of living trusts over wills   

31:35 – Closing thoughts and encouragement to seek financial advice  




Key Takeaways: 





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