Are you struggling to manage your finances and unsure of where your money is going?

Accumulating wealth is only half the battle won. Holding on to it is equally important.

Join us in this episode and empower yourself to become a co-creator with the Divine and actively participate in creating abundance, rather than just being a passive bystander.

Learn to trust your intuition and harness both your feminine and masculine energies to become a master of abundance.

Rebecca Davison helps spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs achieve bigger abundance by creating a solid foundation, setting clear boundaries, and establishing a container for their money to grow. She founded the Intuitive Life Academy to assist individuals on their spiritual leadership journey.

What you will learn from this episode:

“Your ability to say yes to receiving and no to what it is that you don’t want has a massive impact in creating abundance.” – Rebecca Davison
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Checklist for saving and spending money:


Topics Covered:

01:02 – How to track your expenses and determine if you are doing what it takes to save money

03:00 – Why money wants to be seen and how your relationship with money affects how it comes to you

07:45 – Important checklist to know what’s going on with your money and to live in abundance

20:16 – Doing the inner work to create abundance and what it means to be a co-creator instead of being passive

24:28 – Questions to ask to help audit yourself if you are getting things in the right places.


Key Takeaways:

“Money loves clarity and clarity comes from you looking at it; just like a human money wants to be seen as well.” – Rebecca Davison

“If you’re not doing the inner work to go beyond the noise of your own mind to start tapping deeper down into the subconscious of how you really feel about money, then there might be some misalignment there in terms of it showing up for you more often.” – Rebecca Davison

“If you have any fear around looking at your bank statements, listing what your outgoings are, is actually a really empowering process and your money will love it.” – Rebecca Davison

“Make sure you are saying yes to the things that are a hell yes and no to everything that is not.” – Rebecca Davison


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