Are you struggling to navigate family dynamics around money?

Join us for our latest episode as we explore strategies for setting clear boundaries, modeling healthy financial habits, and empowering the next generation to build their own financial futures.

Spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs come to Rebecca to develop their ability to listen to their own guidance and to trust their desires so they can harness their power to create what they really want. Rebecca founded the Intuitive Life Academy to support others on their path of spiritual leadership.

Join us for a transformative discussion on creating a healthy relationship with money by taking your family out of your money.


What you will learn from this episode: 

If you have a huge wound about yourself worth, it does not matter how much money you try and put into that wound, you are still going to bleed out. – Rebecca Davison


Topics Covered:

00:16 – Talking about money from the perspective of Epigenetics

03:50 – How the energies and emotional responses we have towards money determines the impact we have on people around us

12:50 – Allowing money to be a byproduct of your alignment with the Source Energy

14:50 – Making boundaries clear when talking about money involving parents and family

25:41 – How conversations around intergenerational wounds around money helps in having clarity on wealth generation

26:42 – Questions you need to ask yourself to have clarity to make effective decisions around money and wealth creation


Key Takeaways:

“Your imprint, your wealth codes are essentially through your immediate family, how they did money, how they showed up around money, how they perceived money. And it’s actually really important to make sure that their belief systems are working for you.” – Rebecca Davison

“People forget that when it comes to their emotions, that they actually have a choice in regards to what they make it mean, how they respond and what they’re choosing for it to determine their future.” – Rebecca Davison

“Understanding that if you’re doing money from a fear-based proposition, you’re going to be limiting your ability to enjoy it, to create more of it, and to really truly be abundant.”– Rebecca Davison

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