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In the spirit of celebration, on today’s show we realize it’s so easy for us to take what we have for granted. When we create something amazing it can be curious to note that we can immediately go to the thought of ‘what’s next?’

We often forget to celebrate the here and now because there is so much focus on getting to the next level of achievement.

When we celebrate even our smallest wins, we help ourselves acknowledge what we’ve done so we can create even more, gearing ourselves towards abundance and helping to practice gratitude.

Choose to be the person who practices gratitude in every area of your life. When you choose this you bring so much grace and elegance into your wealth creation.

Spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs come to Rebecca to develop their ability to listen to their own guidance and to trust their desires so they can harness their power to create what they really want. Rebecca founded the Intuitive Life Academy to support others on their path of spiritual leadership.

In this episode, Rebecca reminds us how we, as human beings, are priceless creatures as she celebrates her milestones with us, encouraging us to celebrate ours, too!


What you will learn from this episode:

●     The importance and power of doing a gratitude/celebration practice in your life;

●     Why you shouldn’t associate your value as a human being to the money that you have in your bank account; and

●     Understand why pain is something worthy of being celebrated


“Celebrating is something that you need to practice. Celebrating needs to become something that you practice on a regular basis, preferably daily, if you want to increase your happiness.” – Rebecca Davison



Topics Covered:

00:00 – Be Grateful: Rebecca recalls the early days of her journey with personal development as she talks about the process of gratitude along with its effect on us

03:19 – The Backstory: Rebecca shares the reason as to why and how she ended up recording this episode

10:37 – A Spectacular Universe: Talking about our connection with the source energy, stressing the point on why we shouldn’t take its beauty for granted

12:16 – Practice Gratitude: Rebecca talks about her experiences and the importance of a celebration practice to experience fulfillment

22:52 – Let’s Celebrate Together: Who are you hanging out with? You want to find people who want to celebrate with you

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Key Takeaways:

“We don’t want to be in a place of taking things for granted, because we are missing the opportunity to celebrate and to create more fulfillment for ourselves.” – Rebecca Davison

“You are valuable…don’t associate your value with the money that you have in your bank account… You, as a human being, are priceless. You are beyond price. You are inherently powerful and priceless. You cannot put a dollar value on who you are.” – Rebecca Davison

“Anywhere you feel pain, it means on some level that you care. Pain is a measure of you, caring.” – Rebecca Davison


Ways to Connect with Rebecca Davison:

●       Website: https://www.rebeccadavison.life

●       Facebook: Elegant Wealth with Rebecca Davison: https://www.facebook.com/groups/655796385959449