Money doesn’t have to be hard; it can be fun and easy! Too often we limit our ability to make a difference in the world because of fear or doubt in our offers – will people buy this? Do they want it? Am I good enough?

But when we shift our mindset to one of abundance where you can see that money is an energy that flows for everyone we can bring certainty to what we are offering the world and have our ideal clients step in and work with us.

In this episode, Jennifer Donovan – Psychic Business Coach and Founder of the High Vibe Boss Babe brand, who is also an expert in channeling, energetic reprogramming, and business strategy – shares her own money stories as she shows us how to embrace the uncomfortable in order to use our power to make a positive impact in the world.

Tune in to learn how to make money fun and easy today.


What you will learn from this episode:


” Money is energy. We can create more of it, we can open the flow, we can close the flow, we can direct the flow. We are a vessel. We get to decide our relationship with money and allow it to come in.” – Jennifer Donovan 


Topics Covered: 


01:00 – The backstory: How Jennifer ended up becoming a psychic coach

11:15 – From Jennifer to you: A message for those who are feeling separate from their ability to manifest and are feeling quite isolated

14:07 – What’s been coming up in Jennifer’s coaching practice recently, along with the discussion on how you can use your power for good

22:40 – What helps women shift into their power proposition more quickly than men. What happens when a business goes beyond the superficial and goes to your heart?

29:31 – Jennifer’s perspective as to how to create more ease and speed in business: The importance of being willing to be in the uncomfortable

35:54 – What has money taught Jennifer?


Key Takeaways: 


“We are an energetic vibration, and we have the power to co-create with the universe.” – Jennifer Donovan

“There’s going to be great days and there’s going to be some not-so-great days. There’s going to be such easy days and there’s going to be some hard days; let’s be real. And that connection with your heart is what is going to keep you moving through the hard days.” – Jennifer Donovan


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