“I seem to manifest just enough, not extra…” 

“I’m worried about the expensive bill that I need to pay. I feel like I need to go and search for another job.” 

“I find it hard to keep my money. I tend to spend it all after receiving it.” 

“With all that’s happening in the world, especially with inflation, I’m afraid that it’s not the right time for me to start a business.” 


Do you hear yourself in one of the statements above? 


More often than not, we fear the journey of wealth creation due to the uncertainty that comes with it. We tend to have thoughts like “What if this or that happens to me? I’ll be broke!”  and before we even know it, we’re already limiting ourselves in terms of how much we can create and experience. 


As we have talked about, this has to do with our belief system, especially how much confidence we have in ourselves as the creators of our wealth. Be the person who is choosing to be fearless as we answer listeners questions today. 



Rebecca Davison is an intuition coach and is the founder of The Intuitive Life Academy. She helps people to develop their intuition and step into spiritual leadership so they can lead themselves to their ideal outcomes, including massive abundance.   



In this episode, Rebecca provides answers to the questions that people have about money as she helps us embrace our power to create wealth. 


What you will learn from this episode: 




We don’t have to strive to be our limitless self. More often than not, we just have to let go. Let go of playing small, let go of beating ourselves up, let go of uncertainty…You’re the one who wants to be the person who’s creating an inner world that’s very loving and kind, but also has discipline. And that discipline is I don’t allow myself to beat myself up; I’m not going to make myself wrong. I’m going to love myself, but I’m also going to move.” 


– Rebecca Davison 


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Elegant Wealth with Rebecca Davison (Facebook Group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/655796385959449 


The Big Short (Movie): https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80075560 


Notes on Wealth Creation: 


  1. Understand that we are the master of our own destiny.
  2. Regardless of what happens globally, you’d want to put yourself in the best possible position.
  3. Gain knowledge and awareness
  4. Ask yourself, does your belief system serve you?
  5. Look at your emotions alongside the energy underneath it.
  6. It’s not about the bill or the invoice. It’s about your belief in yourself that you can create the abundance to meet it.
  7. Talk to the people who are invoicing you. Do they have a payment plan? What are the terms?
  8. Ask yourself, what does it take to be the person who can pay this and have it be no problem?
  9. In certain situations, you’ve got to have the confidence to ring somebody up and ask for money. Take the emotion out of your money.
  10. Ask yourself, can you be okay with uncertainty? Are you willing to bring confidence to yourself even if uncertainty is present?
  11. Try the “Your Money Ceiling and Your Money Floor” exercise
  12. Follow the money by following joy. Money will always be a side effect of you, doing something that you feel joyful about.
  13. Look at your own value proposition. Do you value yourself enough to choose more? If you’re valuing yourself, how would you like to make money?
  14. Don’t compare yourself to others. Remind yourself that your jealousy mirrors your potential.
  15. Listen to your soul rather than your mind.



Topics Covered: 


01:01 – From Suzanna: “Even though I only half-believe it, it’s not a good time to go into business, i.e., with the world recession looming large and rampant inflation, and people aren’t willing to pay that much here in this country.” 


Rebecca reminds us that it is understanding that we are the master of our own destiny that helps us in wealth creation as she discusses how you can create what you desire no matter what. 


10:02 – From Jo: “We have a large vet bill, so I’m feeling maybe I won’t be able to do a holiday next year or have my massages as I need to save for it. Maybe I have to get another job.” 


Rebecca explains the importance of looking at our emotions along with the energy underneath it as she enlightens us that where we feel hijacked is actually a golden opportunities to reclaim our power. 


16:56 – From Ling: “Seems like I can’t keep my money. I spend it all after receiving it.” 


Rebecca talks about having the confidence in certain situations to ring somebody up and ask for money, emphasizing how crucial it is that we take the emotions out of our money and be able to move in the middle of uncertainty. 


27:30 – From Adrianna  “I seem to manifest just enough, not extra.” “I need more, and I believe for some reason, and it will fix everything.” 


Rebecca shares with us the “Your Money Ceiling and Your Money Floor” exercise that we can practice with regards to manifesting just enough, not extra. She also encourages us to have the money as a byproduct of our happiness and joy, not the end goal in and of itself. 


43:41 – From Hebe “There’s something innately wrong with me or the way I do things, so money isn’t coming to me.” 


Rebecca enumerates things you can do and ask yourself if you’re among those who seem to go through the situations mentioned above. Also, she reminds us that universal law applies to everyone, and there’s no benefit in comparing ourselves to others. 



Key Takeaways: 


“We are the master of our own destiny.” – Rebecca Davison 


There is always going to be somebody who makes money, whether the markets go up or down. You want to be the person who’s taking enough responsibility to make sure that you are financially proofing yourself; you’re putting yourself in the best possible position.” Rebecca Davison 


When it comes to creating what you desire in terms of creating a business, now’s always the right time. What you believe is essential, because what you believe will determine what you attract.” Rebecca Davison 


It’s never about the bill, folks. It’s never about the invoice or what happens. It’s about your belief in yourself that you can create the abundance to meet it.” Rebecca Davison 


Even if you’re not 100% sure, even if you’re not 100% in alignment with what your intuition is telling you right now, by taking action, you’re demonstrating willing, and the Universe always responds to that.” Rebecca Davison 


“Follow the money by following joy. Money will always be a side effect of you, doing something that you feel joyful about.” – Rebecca Davison 


More money is definitely not going to fix everything. It might help make it easier to make decisions to buy a holiday, but that doesn’t relate to your fulfillment. A lot of money does not change your happiness frequency; you’re the one who does that.” – Rebecca Davison 


Nobody propels themselves into greatness without feeling safe.” – Rebecca Davison 





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