What does it take for us to be able to create true abundance in our life? 


It is so easy to relate money with abundance, especially if people are just focusing on survival. The thought that only money could equate to the real essence of being abundant in life is a disservice to ourselves. 


What we often forget is that money is just the invitation towards having a better relationship with the Divine, with ourselves, even; that it’s doing the inner work to allow abundance to flow through us that will really help us receive what we desire! 



What you will learn from this episode:


Your word is your wand. Your word is law. One of the best things you can do to increase your abundance is honor your word. Do what you say you are going to do..”  – Rebecca Davison


Creating an excellent relationship with money: 


Topics Covered:

01:21 – Abundance is a Frequency: “In order to create abundance, we must feel abundant.” 

03:11 – To be this Person: Rebecca talks about the work it takes for us to be able to create abundance in our life and how one’s ego can block that abundance 

05:17 – True Abundance is Oneness: How abundance makes it really easy to become generous without ever feeling that something’s going to run out 

07:29 – Back to the Basics: How do we create more of this frequency of abundance? 

12:32 – Short, Potent Reminder: Rebecca recalls the points she’s discussed in today’s episode 

13:57 – What’s one thing you can do right now? Be grateful for what you have. 


  Key Takeaways:

“Abundance is a frequency… In order to create abundance, we must feel abundant.” – Rebecca Davison 

“A lot of people don’t speak so much about that, but if there’s number one thing that’s going to block your money, it will be your ego.” – Rebecca Davison 

“True abundance is oneness, which means that you can look at others and wish them more abundance. It means you can look at yourself and wish yourself the same. It means that you live in the energy of being able to give freely, because you know that there’s more available. So, it makes it really easy to become generous.” – Rebecca Davison 


Your intuition is the KEY to having and creating a magnificent life. All the answers to what serves YOU best are inside of you so join us to activate this amazing gift you have ready and waiting for you!

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