Coming from a background of generational wealth indeed brought me experiences that helped me better understand myself and my perception of money.

Back when I was a kid, I remember that if I turned the lights on, the lights would work. If I turn the hot tap on, hot water would be there. There was never any awareness or experience of not having money. As a child, I just knew I was provided for. I always felt safe. I always had something to eat.

There are times we’d have people show up and I’d feel isolated as their perceptions were made up of thoughts that we’re fortunate, that we’re above everybody else. However, as I grew to experience various events in relation to money, I came to realize that what others think isn’t really what’s going to drive me towards wealth.

It’s me who needs to take the responsibility of choosing to go after that awareness of my own relationship with money. After all, perception isn’t always reality.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing how my childhood and shame towards money has impacted me, my business, my sense of self, and how in many ways, it’s actually been a disadvantage – and what I have done to overcome that to make my own dreams come true and rewrite my own money story, independent of my family.

What you will learn from this episode:

“Even though this has been my experience, it does not have to define who I am and how I’m showing up in relationship to money, and unpacking it and making it safe to shine no matter what.” – Rebecca Davison

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Rebecca Davison’s Tips in relation to Having Awareness towards Money

Topics Covered:

02:43 – Background: Rebecca’s wealthy background and the place where she spent her first years of childhood.

03:37 – First Two Memories: Rebecca shares the narrative behind her first memories of money as she talks about her parents’ gift store and the 20 cents she asked them in order to pay for a biscuit in school.

06:33 – Right and Wrong: Which among her childhood experiences helped her have the awareness about what should be done and what not? Why is she grateful to her mom?

11:25 – An Intangible Factor: How did young Rebecca’s environment affect her perception of money?

15:56 – Major Life Change: Rebecca talks about that event wherein they moved to live in a huge family-owned property where she spent most years of her childhood, and why that experience felt like a big leap for her.

24:43 – Let’s Reminisce: What are some of the really interesting things that happened when young Rebecca and her family moved to live in that place?

27:44 – What’s Real and What’s Not: Rebecca relates her childhood memories into why perception is not always reality.

34:35 – The C Word: The comparison as a child of knowing what you have and what you don’t have, as well as the sense of isolation and shame that comes along with being ‘different’.

42:16 – Jealousy: Why is jealousy part of Rebecca’s money story?

46:57 – The Learning: Rebecca discusses how she came to the realization that money triggers people a lot and shares her drive to understand why people are feeling like that.

49:56 – Imprinted on Me: What does Rebecca love about how her parents acted in relation to other people’s perceptions of the life they’re living?

51:13 – As We End: Rebecca sums things up as she talks about the biggest turning points of her childhood memories in relation to money and discusses what’s going to be discussed in the next episode.

Key Takeaways:

“No matter what your circumstances, we’re all impacted by society conditioning, familial conditioning, our subconscious beliefs in regards to our own value and relationship to money and in order to be able to create it and hold it.” – Rebecca Davison

“Your business is an amazing container for personal and spiritual growth.” – Rebecca Davison

“When it comes to money, absolutely, we don’t want to do things that are illegal. We don’t wanna do things with money that harm other people. We don’t want to do things with money that pours stress or take things without having paid for them; but in terms of other things, we can get really hung up on right and wrong, and we can make ourselves wrong very easily.” – Rebecca Davison

“It was other people’s perception of this place that made me more aware of my own money story. It was through other people’s perceptions that I was starting to look at what I guess we had.” – Rebecca Davison

“I learned at a pretty young age that when it comes to money or impressions/perceptions around money, it can trigger people a lot.” – Rebecca Davison

“People – when they feel inferior, they can get really unkind. When people are making judgments about themselves, they’ll quite happily judge you too.” – Rebecca Davison

“You get the awareness, you forgive yourself, you make a better choice.” – Rebecca Davison

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