In the financial crisis, we’re all in right now, it is without a doubt important to be able to live life in a way that brings you both peace and abundance.

Have you ever heard about crypto investing and how people earn money from this, all while doing nothing?

Most people say it sounds too good to be true, but who knows? It could be what your life has been needing all these years!

They say doing nothing makes you unproductive, but sometimes, doing nothing can also be a good way to shift your mindset into one that knows you don’t have to be controlled by life’s external forces.

If you can open a bank account, you can definitely set up a crypto wallet and save for yourself!

Learn more about this foreign exchange practice as we talk about crypto with Joanna Turner today.

Joanna Turner is a Business & Success Coach, Advanced EFT & Master NLP Practitioner, an author, an inspirational speaker, and a former Chartered Accountant. She mentors female entrepreneurs in busting money blocks and helps them alchemize fear into flow so they can awaken their Divine Feminine and infinite possibility. One way she’s doing it in the midst of this pandemic is through guiding people in crypto, helping them achieve true financial freedom and wealth legacy through automated foreign exchange investments.

In this episode, Joanna talks about the different sense of calm and peace her crypto currency journey has brought her even in the worst case of this pandemic. Here, she discusses how she got started into investing in this foreign trade practice, the benefits it has done to her life and shares how you can start yours as well.

What you will learn from this episode:

“I got a lot of people saying it sounds too good to be true, and I say, I know it does but maybe this is what we’ve all been doing our abundance meditations for.” – Joanna Turner

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Joanna Turner’s Tips on Starting Your Journey towards Financial Freedom

Topics Covered:

02:03 – In Life’s Crossroads: Joanna shares her ‘from-being-an-accountant-to-a-coach’ story as she reminisces about what happened to her supposed-to-be retreat in Costa Rica alongside the effect of this pandemic on her and the work that she does.

10:39 – Earn by Doing Nothing: How did Joanna get into cryptocurrency? How was it like for her to receive something when she hasn’t really done anything?  

19:47 – Get to Know It: What is crypto all about? Why is it a good start in redressing a society’s financial balance especially in today’s time? How does it work?

23:59 – Earn while Learning: Cryptocurrency as a decentralized system; The things happening in crypto and what you can do about it.

33:03 – The Bail In Law: Joanna talks about being ‘bailed out’ and how the concept of ‘bail in’ law came into existence. Why is it important for you to check your bank’s guarantee number?

37:57 – Buying and Selling: The crypto world is volatile; why is the term ‘foreign currency trading’ more correct than ‘crypto trading’? Why does it look like gambling at some point?

45:07 – The Company: Joanna continues to talk about what their company does and how they help people in doing crypto.

50:31 – A lifeline: Crypto could be the best thing your life has been needing all these years.  

1:03:07 – What To Do: Connect with Rebecca and let’s get things started afterward.

Key Takeaways:

“I’m internally, ironically grateful that it all didn’t work out. One of the things that my big journey has taught me is every time I think it’s not working or the world is ending or something hasn’t happened, it is usually for the ultimate highest benefit.” – Joanna Turner

“It doesn’t have to be too hard. We can make it very simple. It’s not going anywhere. It is absolutely the new paradigm, definitely revolutionizing things.” – Joanna Turner

“The beautiful thing about crypto currency is that it is decentralized – the keyword that makes it magical. It is for the people. No one person can control it. It is controlled by all and is controlled by nobody at the same time. For anything big that needs to happen, it needs a consensus. That’s what we’ve been missing in.” – Joanna Turner

“I believe, the way the world is going, having some money in crypto is going to be a smart move for sure.” – Joanna Turner

“Even if the stock market crashes, that money, the transfer that’s happening in the world continues; that just doesn’t stop. And so, the trading on it doesn’t stop.” – Joanna Turner

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