How does it feel when you hear or read other people’s success stories in terms of abundance? 

Do you get excited about it? Do you feel triggered and uncomfortable because you feel like it’s something that is impossible for you to achieve? 

Remember that each one of us shifts energy differently. Some people do it really quickly, while others take more time to receive their desires. 

There is actually no limit to what is possible when it comes to abundance. We just have to be in alignment and have the confidence to go after what we really want in life. 

Rebecca Davison is an intuition coach and is the founder of The Intuitive Life Academy. She helps people activate their intuition so that they can move beyond fear into freedom, pleasure, and abundance. She helps people to learn how to listen to their inner guidance to be able to create a life that they really love.    

In this episode, Rebecca talks about her clients’ testimonials on how they received what they desired after learning the art of manifestation. She reads messages her clients have sent her and mentions valuable insights in relation to each success story. 

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Learn from other people’s success stories that abundance is real and it’s possible to achieve; 
  • Discover what these people did that made them able to receive what they wanted;  
  • Find out how you can create your own abundance through the insights Rebecca gives. 

“When you can think abundantly, when your subconscious is on board when you’re energetically hooked up to high-frequency energies, when you have a desire where there’s no resistance, you will manifest it.” 

– Rebecca Davison


Valuable Free Resource: 

Rebecca Davison’s Tips on How You Can Effortlessly Listen to Other People’s 

Success Stories and Have Your Own 

  • Ask yourself first: Does it excite you? What’s your version of that? Are you willing and open to receive it? 
  • If there are feelings of being triggered or discomfort, notice it and know that it is your soul telling you that there is something within you that needs to shift. 
  • Make it your life’s priority. Excuses will never benefit you. Anything that you see as an obstacle, work on that to shift it around so you can get in a place where you can feel in flow. 
  • Have the confidence to go after what you want. You do you. 
  • If you’re not getting the results you’re aiming for, deep dive and look into the subconscious. 
  • Do not give up easily. Don’t let your rational mind tell you a story. 
  • Celebrate yourself. Allow yourself to go into deeper levels of desire. Do not focus on what’s not important. 

Topics Covered: 

03:13 – Let’s Align: What happens when you start learning how to calibrate your energy? Rebecca talks about the importance of being in alignment and how it allows us to receive our desires effortlessly. 

06:33 – Bibby and Sabrina: Rebecca shares how the life of “Bibby” changed as she got two clients at 7AM even when she has small children. Also, Rebecca mentions the testimonial she received from “Sabrina” where “Sabrina” included her before-and-after situation in relation to working with Rebecca

15:25 – Sandy and Katie: Rebecca unravels the amazing story of “Sandy” and how she was able to have a total balance of $1,007,375.91 in just a span of twelve months. Moreover, Rebecca shares how “Katie” made more money and got rid of her five to ten years issue with nosebleeds after a mini session of working on these. 

22:15 – Sally and Sandra: Rebecca talks about “Sally” who was able to manifest $15,000 in a day and a client named “Sandra” who consistently felt stuck, almost gave up, but took her last shot and received a pay rise and a $2,000 bonus from her boss

32:49 – Abundance and Bliss: Rebecca mentions another client who experienced the miracle of having money show up right where it’s needed. Rebecca also shares her experience of being lost and sad in the UK back when she left her ex-boyfriend in the US at the age of 23. 

38:36 – The Magic: The Universe is always calling to you. There’s magic waiting for you to experience

Key Takeaways: 

“When good people make good money, they do good things with it.” – Rebecca Davison 

“It’s safe for it to go fast; it’s also safe and good if it takes a little bit longer. The point is we want to be consistent in regards to showing up and calibrating our frequency, getting ourselves into alignment, and using universal law to come into alignment rather than just thinking that this is about luck.” – Rebecca Davison 

“People who are more confident go for what they want. If we don’t go for what we want, we won’t achieve it. We have to have the confidence to be able to go after it.” – Rebecca Davison 

“We all want the same things in a lot of ways. We all want to feel loved; we all want to feel good in our bodies; we all want to manifest money; we all want to be the creator. But what it actually looks like in a particular way that is really going to thrill you is particular to you. It’s your personal reality. There’s nobody like you. You’re completely unique.” – Rebecca Davison 


Your intuition is the KEY to having and creating a magnificent life. All the answers to what serves YOU best are inside of you so join us to activate this amazing gift you have ready and waiting for you!   

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