Most people have no definite idea of the person they want to become, and that allows more room for resistance! 

In order to have abundance, you must first know what abundance is for you. 

What are you actually wanting for your life? What is it that you truly desire? 

Do not let resistance hold you back and focus on the desired reality that you wish to experience. It’s inevitable that you’re actually going to get there when you’re focused. Be the predominant creative force in your own life.  

Jayne Bryson ND has been in clinical practice for over 17 years. She helps people increase their levels of consciousness and teach people how to be a predominant creative force in their lives. Jayne has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and has also accomplished Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Med, (CERT, MM Coach) NLP Master, and Hypnotherapy. 

In this episode, Jayne talks about becoming the predominant creative force in your own life. Here, she discusses how resistance could be so powerful that it can hold you back for so long, preventing you from achieving the reality that you’ve always wanted to live. She also mentions how important it is for you to choose to be happy despite the negativity and noise in the world right now.

What you will learn from this episode: 

“Just go through it. Work out what you’re wanting in your life. Remove the resistance and don’t look back. Just keep moving forward and look at the beautiful things on Earth that we actually have.” 

 Jayne Bryson 

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Topics Covered: 

01:56 – Trip Down Memory Lane: How Jayne bridged her numerous expertise and later on became a Mindset Coach who works with people in terms of abundance. 

10:46 – Who You Want to Be: Jayne talks about people moving into their desired reality and discusses what can actually happen if there’s a presence of resistance in their journey. 

20:34 – The Resistance: What resistance is in Jayne’s perspective and some tips on how people could successfully navigate through it. 

29:24 – The Neurons and the Cycles: Forming habits and behaviors towards walking into less resistance and how that is related to the neurons we have in our brain. 

33:47 – What is Abundance to You: Jayne discusses the fact that each one of us wants a different thing therefore abundance is a different and unique destination for everybody

41:52 – In Jayne’s Lenses: What is abundance for Jayne? 

Key Takeaways: 

“What I found is that you can’t take things personally; because when you actually have a look at the whole world, you can actually see that 50% of people end up in divorce. You can also see that in the health industry, there’s probably a high 90% of people that are not well, and I also believe that most of the world is actually in debt. So if I’m going to be taking that on personally, then it’s actually the structure that I’m living in which is wrong – not myself.” – Jayne Bryson 

“I don’t believe we need to change our beliefs. I believe we need to change the resistance that is actually stopping us from moving to that desired reality.” – Jayne Bryson 

“To create that [abundance], first of all, you’ve got to work out with what abundance is to you.” – Jayne Bryson 

“With abundance, you don’t even have to believe in yourself. You don’t even have to have high self-esteem or a high self-image. Most successful people aren’t chasing around for the next personal development program. They are focused in exactly where they’re wanting to go.” – Jayne Bryson 

“Abundance to me – in my life – is happiness. If I’m not happy, then what is life all about?” – Jayne Bryson 

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