We are all creatures of habits and our habits determine what our outcomes will be. 

 There are times when we react the way we think we want to, but also, the unconscious mind can cause us to react in less conscious ways, especially in situations that appear as something that has hurt us and our feelings. 

Are you tired of being controlled by your mind and have finally realized that it’s time for you to be the pilot of your life’s flight? 

You would really want your mind to be a place that’s enjoyable and fruitful to live in. It is through learning how to choose your feelings that you become great at manifesting and magnetizing what the Universe has for you. 

Rebecca Davison is an intuition coach and is the founder of The Intuitive Life Academy. She essentially helps women in particular in activating their intuition so that they can move out of fear and scarcity and move into freedom, pleasure, and abundance. She is passionate about people activating their intuition and inner guidance to be able to create a life that they really love. 

In this episode, Rebecca talks about the truth that it’s not impossible for you to control the way that you feel. Here, she discusses the power of choice and the practice of reflection, and mentions how these two bring you towards an abundant life where you get to be the driver of your own feelings and thoughts. 


What you will learn from this episode: 


“Nobody can be as cruel to you as you are to yourself because you are the one living in your awareness moment to moment to moment. If those thought processes aren’t kind of clean, pure, kind and loving, high frequency, you’re probably going to be experiencing some form of suffering, some form of pain, and this again is why we need to be so accountable in terms of what we’re thinking and saying to ourselves.” 

Rebecca Davison


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Topics Covered: 

00:53 – The Power of Choice: Rebecca talks about today’s topic and discusses awareness and observation as important practices on how you can start your journey on choosing the way you feel. 

06:35 – Be Your Own Driver: The morning routine of asking yourself how you’re choosing to feel for the rest of the day, harnessing your ability to focus your thoughts the way you want them to go, and being vocal with words that give you and your body the vibration of the Universe. 

11:57 – The Practice: Rebecca shares additional reminders on how you can choose the way you feel and mentions the power of a reflection practice with regards to your thoughts and feelings in relation to habits. 

18:14 – Unconsciously Cruel Mind: Clearing your thoughts and feelings into kind and pure ones as you lessen the cruelty you’re sending towards yourself – our thoughts as a pathway that shows us more about what’s actually going on for us. 

23:24 – Choose Wisely: Be the person who chooses their thoughts, chooses to be aware of their thoughts, chooses to reflect on their thoughts, and chooses to change their thoughts. 

30:43 – The Truth: The idea behind the concept of the manifestation process and how beautiful its effects are once you’ve chosen to make it a part of your life. 


Key Takeaways: 

“You have a choice in every moment, even if the choice in the first instance is to actually start interrupting your thoughts and telling yourself something different.” – Rebecca Davison 

“A feeling is easier to flood your body with the experience of it, and then it’s easier for your thoughts to catch on afterwards; so if you’re feeling it in your body, then it’s easier to get your mind to focus on that as feeling good. You’re feeling it, you’re thinking it; you’re feeling it, you’re thinking it – amplifying how can it be more powerful so you go out and have the most amazing day ever.” – Rebecca Davison 

“Your habits really determine your outcomes, and in your mind – what you’re thinking, that is absolutely a habit.” – Rebecca Davison 

“Your body hears everything that you think.” – Rebecca Davison



Your intuition is the KEY to having and creating a magnificent life. All the answers to what serves YOU best are inside of you so join us to activate this amazing gift you have ready and waiting for you!

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