Have you ever felt like nothing seems to be going your way? Or that the Universe doesn’t seem to align with what you want? 

Do you also feel pressure and anxiety whenever things don’t go as planned? 

Surrendering to the Universe, God, or whatever higher being you believe in and letting life take its flow is one of the best and most powerful things you could do to yourself. Fighting with the Universe or rejecting its flow could even harm your mental health and intuition. Learning how to detach yourself, trust the flow, and let the Universe do what it needs to, is a process that we need to learn. It really is a gift from our soul for our human experience.  

To surrender is to let go and trust the Universe, the greatest thing you could do for yourself! 

Rebecca Davison is an intuition coach and is the founder of the Intuitive Life Academy. She helps women, in particular, activate their intuition so that they can move out of fear and scarcity and into freedom, pleasure, and abundance. She is passionate about people activating their intuition, and inner guidance to be able to create a life that they really love. 

In this episode, Rebecca shares her insights on why surrendering is so powerful and important when it comes to our intuition and mental well being. She also talks about the different things we should let go of in life, and the different mindsets we should be welcoming into our lives instead. 


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Discover why you should be surrendering and trusting the Universe 
  • Know more on what mindsets are worth letting go of 
  • Learn the difference between letting go and giving up 


Surrender is a spiritual process. It is not something that you can do from the rational mind. You need to ask the Universe to help you.” 

Rebecca Davison



Topics Covered: 

00:58 – The process of surrender and letting go of the resistance: What does it take for me to be happy no matter what?) 

03:12 – All about the ego reflex, its neutrality and what it does to our own selves and our manifestations 

04:54 – Rebecca shares the big secret about surrender 

09:02 – Some tips on how to surrender and be connected once again to the Univers 

11:31 – The Universe has infinite resources: How coming into agreement with ourselves and the Universe is one of the best things you can do for yourself 

13:25 – Refusing Attachment: Rebecca’s process of surrendering and her own experiences 

16:24 – Questions to ask yourself in regards to our desires and attachment 

18:11 – Why you should be surrendering things up to the Universe 

20:16 – Rebecca’s advice on what you can do to trust the Universe 

24:21 – How the process of developing your intuition is powerful and important 

27:40 – Rebecca’s short note about surrendering: Surrender is not the same as giving up. Surrender is about letting go. Giving up means stopping. 


Key Takeaways: 

“When it comes to surrender, you know, we have to really unpack and look at our humanness versus our spiritual beingness. And realizing that surrender really is the process of letting go of our human self to elevate into spirit self.” – Rebecca Davison 

“The process of surrender is really one of letting go of resistance.” – Rebecca Davison 

“Number one thing that I would share with you in terms of surrender, is to hold this in mind. And that is, what does it take to be happy no matter what?”  – Rebecca Davison 

“The rational mind thought process after the ego reflex is really important because it can really determine what we’re focusing on.” – Rebecca Davison 

“We want to learn to love our ego and accept it, be aware of it, but also make a different choice. And the choice is to shift away from ego and into the spirit.” – Rebecca Davison 

“If you’re really good at surrender, you’ll be experiencing a lot of ease, a lot of flow, a lot of grace.” – Rebecca Davison 


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