If you want to learn what it takes to calibrate to the energy of limitless abundance by following your intuition, then you’re in the right place! It’s through those inner shifts that external magic happens with your money.  

We all love a good manifestation story and while the Intuitive Abundance podcast will offer you all that juicy goodness, we’ll also be bringing you cutting-edge techniques, insights and upgrades to help you to create a life you love. We’ll be looking at what it takes to create a life that is joyful and abundant and where your money relationship is fun and playful. This is where you’ll cultivate the deep inner trust in your ability to CREATE.  

Tune into receive guidance from Rebecca Davison founder of the Intuitive Life Academy, multiple six-figure business owner who has worked with thousands of people to help them shift their limiting money beliefs. With a corporate background in banking, Rebecca draws on many of her rational world experiences.  She also has all the insights for helping people shift their limiting beliefs around their own self-worth. Along with her extraordinary and carefully selected guests, she provides you with all you need to increase your own wealth, recalibrate to limitlessness and to do it from the inside out.  


Please share these valuable resources with your friends and family so they too can experience the shifts that come with new levels of awareness and the information this podcast provides. You’ll be amazed as we dive into your own inner world and truly discover how rich and powerful you really are, when we know where to place our focus and attention. Be sure to leave us a review so we can know what you love and so we can provide you more of that.  

The Intuitive Life Academy is all about helping leaders develop their intuition and use their inner guidance to create a joyful life. We give people the skills to be able to coach and guide others from the spirit and also to create a business that is profitable and fun. The way it’s supposed to be! If you already knew yourself as limitless, how would you be showing up today? That’s our point of creation! 


Your intuition is the KEY to having and creating a magnificent life. All the answers to what serves YOU best are inside of you so join us to activate this amazing gift you have ready and waiting for you!

Ready to Live a Life of Abundance?

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