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My Cacao Ceremony Experience

On Thursday night I had my first ever Cacao Ceremony at the Yoga Barn in Bali. I was invited by the Hannah who I met here in Bali as we have the same coach and are here to do a 2-day retreat with our coach next week. Described as food of the gods and a historically revered plant food I was intrigued so it was a no-brainer for me to say YES!

It was run by Levi Banner who has trained with a cacao shaman in Peru. He combines the use of ceremony with ceremonial grade cacao to create an experience described as offering “unique heart explosions”.

So, it’s a beautiful evening in Ubud, Bali and we come into the ceremony space in the centre of which is a fire. The bowls of cacao are lined up around it. We sit down on the cushions laid around in a circle and Levi starts speaking to us.

To put this in context I had had a ROUGH day. I’d received an email where I’d been slammed – about what I offer in my business and that essentially it doesn’t have any value. (That’s the edited story) The hardcore truth is – It f*cking hurt. Deeply. To be on the receiving end of vicious energy is challenging. Even though your head KNOWS that it’s this other person’s stuff and that clearly you are triggering them, your heart can experience sheer terror. I don’t want to cause pain to others! But I’m also at a point in my personal development where I will not stand down, dim my light, or go out of alignment with my truth to make others feel more comfortable. I know as Long as I am motivated by LOVE then love will be the outcome, even if it means walking through the dark to get there.

So, what did I do? I sat down, meditated and sent this person LOVE. I would not have been able to do that if I had not done the intuitive work that is my business. Oh, the irony!

So coming back to the cacao ceremony I had had a day where I was a little out of sorts, processing these intense emotions.

As I was listnening to Levi I found myself checking out a little. I saw my mind playing a few tricks. “I’ve heard this before, blah, blah, blah.” I was not allowing myself to RECEIVE from him.

So you know what I did? I called myself on it. I leaned it. I told myself that he knows things I don’t. He has had experiences I’ve never had. It’s important to pay attention. I was doing to him what this person had done to me. I was coming at him from my HEAD, not my heart.

So I shifted to my heart. And it was Divine.

We sat around the fire. We learned about Cacao, the transit that Venus does in the sky and we saw the tiny bats fly overhead. We drank the cacao and felt it in our bodies. Levi said “Cacao will take you to the door but it’s up to you to step through” And we did. We moved, we looked deeply into each other’s eyes and CONNECTED. We experienced LOVE. We hugged, we let go. We were all supported in Divine energies.

It’s because of my work that I have the ability to choose love. My work and business have been my greatest love story – the story of learning to love myself, no matter what. We are ALL on that journey. I send you love and blessings as you navigate your own path. I am always here to make a stand for YOU and for LOVE.

May you be blessed. May you be well. May your path be joyous.

Love Rebecca

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