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Creating certainty when it comes to manifesting.

When it comes to manifesting we would all love the magic bullet and to be able to go from zero to hero in a very short period of time.

The truth is when it comes to manifesting what we want, it takes effort to do the following:

To do an inventory of your own energetic field. This involves monitoring your thoughts, words and energy of yourself and others around you and take actions to keep it in a high and expanded vibration.

To retrain yourself to always look for the positive, even when times are tough. Why? It comes back to your vibration. If you’re in grief or lower energies then it can zap your ability to attract what you want. This isn’t to say that your feelings are the enemy. They are actually your closest allies and friends as they show you where you are out of alignment. Don’t get me wrong, if you experience grief or a massive loss it’s not about putting on a brave face and pretending everything is ok. That doesn’t work anyway because energy doesn’t lie. It’s about learning how to FEEL your feelings and process them instead of stopping or blocking them which can jam up your energy field and make you feel stuck.

You also need to be borderline obsessed with getting the results you are after. Have you noticed that people who are successful just don’t give up? They come back to what they love again and again and again. They discount other people’s criticisms and have a burning faith that what they want can become a reality.

Are you prepared to burn for what you want? To walk through the trials, obstacles and setbacks no matter what? To learn what it means to truly to be connected to the highest part of yourself so you can activate the quantum field to get the results you are looking for? That comes back to true grit, determination and never giving up on your dream or desire.

Now, how fast can you do that? How fast can you shift your own vibration and allow this to unfold in miraculous ways? For most people, it requires a plan and action steps rather than instant enlightenment. You do the work. You learn, practice, identify what is working, what is not and tweak it accordingly. I’m not talking about the work of the rational mind. I’m talking about doing the energy work to let go of your limiting beliefs, release the energy of contraction and become intuitively conscious so you can perceive the energy that you are and the energy of others around you. From there you can make decisions from a place of energy and awareness which transcends the rational mind and that is where miracles can take place.

So grab that silver bullet in your teeth, commit to doing the work and BEING the change and watch your life unfold in ways that will surprise and delight you.

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Rebecca Davison

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