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Ready to Manifest Like a Rockstar!
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I'm so excited for you that you're here, and you're open minded to creating amazing change and massive success in your world, and that you believe in the power of YOU!
This program is NOT for people who believe that the Law of Attraction is fluff and nonsense, or that personal development is shallow at best and self-concerned at worst. This is not for the faint-hearted!
This program IS for people who are ready to go DEEP - deep into the nature of who you really are.

It's for people who are COMMITTED to getting amazing results, for taking their self-belief to a whole new level.
It's for people who are EXCITED about activating their intuition to create a magical life.

This program is for the bold, the visionaries, the people who will do the work to get the results. The people who are prepared to learn what it takes to see their big dreams come true!

They say that ordinary people seek entertainment and extraordinary people seek knowledge.
What are you seeking?

On this deep dive you'll discover a whole new world, one that already resides within you. 
You're ready to go!

Manifest Like A Rockstar! online program.

7 weeks, 14 calls, 2 calls every week
Are you an excellent manifestor? Can you hold the vibration of what you want in your body consistently so it becomes your reality?
In this 7 week intensive we will be doing a deep dive and clearing energy at profound levels so you can experience a whole new world, one where you can manifest your desires effortlessly!

Each of the 14 calls in the Manifest Like A Rockstar! program will be a live online group clearing event for 90 minutes.

You can share your comments and questions with me online so we can interact directly.

We use the collective consciousness to create the strongest intention to increase your vibration and let go of things that do not serve you.


In call one we’ll be looking at Quantum Physics – straight to the science so you can understand from the facts how manifestation works. You’ll realize how powerful you really are and discover just how much you are creating your whole life. You’ll also have clarity around your current manifestation process and discover why it’s not working for you consistently.

The Manifest Like A Rockstar! program starts on Saturday 24th February with the first call at 10am NZST. 

The second call will be on Tuesday 27th 8pm NZST.

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Only NZ$750 (including GST)

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Manifest Like A Rockstar! program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
A program of 7 weeks duration, with 2 calls per week. Each call is 90 minutes.

Why do I need this?
Most of our blocks are subconscious. Often people feel they have identified their blocks, but it is still playing out as a cross purpose in their lives i.e. they are still not getting what it is that they want. Most people are not aware enough to identify their own subconscious blocks. Our subconscious drives our reality, the conscious mind only plays a small part.

How do I get the log-in to register for the event?
Once you purchase the program you will be redirected to a register page for Crowdcast. You'll get sent an email closer to the call as a reminder to click the link and join the call. If you're joining by phone you'll need to download the Crowdcast app to log-in, or if you join by computer just click the join link at the time of the webinar. Please note Crowdcast operates through Chrome.

What do I need to do to prepare?
Please start thinking about what you want to clear. Show up with a willingness and curiosity to see what is possible for you! Please be aware that once you commit to the program some energy may start moving so please be aware of this. Don't let these symptoms or signs stop you from joining each call, because that is where the biggest transformations take place.

What if I can’t make it live for a call?
All event members get the recordings within 48 hours of the live event so you can be sure to still receive all the benefits. Everything is energy so you will still receive the energetic download by listening to the recording.

Yes! I am ready to clear all energy blocks, connect confidently with my Intinite Self
and create the rich, easy, satisfying life I deeply desire.
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only $750.00 NZD inlcluding GST
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