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Living Intuitively in a Rational World

In life, we see the focus on the rational mind consistently. In the modern world, the mind and intellect have been given the highest priority and in the process, we have lost our connection with so many things like the natural world and our ancient wisdom.

It’s sad to see people being disconnected now more than ever from the world around them. We are living in the past or the future, not the NOW.

Now is where life IS. Where there is space to connect to our infinite self and tune to the ancient wisdom that has been with us all along. How do we create this space for ourselves in a world full of noise and distraction?


We have to have the courage to listen to our hearts and value this over all others things; over all the external pressures and demands. There are so many things that pull away our attention from ourselves. It’s an act of courage and even rebellion in a world full of noise to take the time to be still with your own precious heart, to feel your feelings and know that the Universe is communicating with you every single moment.

It’s a radical act of self-love to be still and listen.

Will you take a few moments today to be still? To quieten your mind and maybe place your hand on your precious heart and let the noise of the outside world fade away so you can hear the calling of your infinite self? The part of you that wants you to roll in the ecstasy of knowing and experiencing who you really are? Pure bliss in a body, that is who you really are. Will you take a few moments to meet yourself today?

Choose your infinite power and let your life be transformed.

Sending you love and blessings,





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Rebecca Davison

Rebecca Davison

Intuitive Coach

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