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Intuitive Abundance

Intuitive Abundance Is Here!

Over the next 12 weeks, we will be journeying together on a weekly call to reprogram your subconscious mind, release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing more wealth and imprinting your energy field with the dynamics of abundance.

Who is this for?

If you are tired of looking eternally to the outside world and are ready to reclaim your power to create your own economy, now is the time.

We have so many external messages about what is true – the economy, government, what’s happening on Wall Street. It’s up to us as individuals to activate our financial sovereignty and become impervious to outside demands.

When we reality test this method we KNOW it to be true. No matter what is happening in the outside world there is ALWAYS someone who is making money! So let’s make it YOU!

When we do the inner work of shifting our vibration, focusing our attention on what we wish to create and activating energies that serve us in terms of creation then we can reclaim our power from the good opinions of others and create wealth from the inside out.

This is for you if you are:

Tired of the rat race and STILL feeling unfulfilled in someway

Ready to harness your ability to create wealth your way and do it in a way that feels good

Willing to reclaim your power from all the places you may be currently giving it away

Prepared to listen to your own inner guidance and make decisions from that place

Open to doing the work to recalibrate to abundance

Then this is for you!

What is it?

This is a 12-week container where you will be held in safety to be seen and witnessed as we journey together and do the work to recalibrate.  I will create an amazing space for you as we look inwards and find all those energies and subconscious thoughts forms that are holding you back.

Meet Matt Jones

Matt skyrocketed his start-up business from doing energy work and propelled himself into amazing opportunities.

Meet April Grant

April healed some old hurts and manifested $27k and then some!

Here’s what we will cover:

  1. Activating the energy of Abundance within. You want to feel safe – but do you feel safe inside of yourself? We will do the work of creating safety inside of yourself so we can then activate abundance frequencies. True abundance always feel safe!
  2. Your Ideal Future Self.  To know where we are going we need to have a plan, or a FEELING at least, of what it will be like in our ideal reality. We will chart the course so we can focus our energy and attention on this continuously through our journey together.
  3. Your Money Relationship.  If money was a person, how would you describe your relationship? Do you know, like and TRUST your money? We’ll be doing some deep clearing on where you have felt wounded by money in the past and how that may be distorting your energy field
  4. Alignment with Universal Laws. To create harmonious wealth we want to come into alignment with Universal Laws. Do you know the Laws? When we know and understand the Laws we can use them as a guide to know we are on track.
  5. Soul Desire Versus Ego desire.  What’s the difference? One is going to feel amazing the other one is going to feel contracted. I will walk you through a purification process that changes everything and helps you to be free of attachment.
  6. Reprogramming the subconscious. It’s wonderful to clear and release energies that hold us back but it’s also incredibly important to imprint the subconscious with our ideal version of wealth. In this session, we will go deep on programing your subconscious mind with abundance and expansion so it feels natural to continue to shift through your own inner glass ceiling to go to the next level. Once you know this you can recycle and repeat indefinitely.
  7. Having time work for you. So many people I know have distortion around time! There’s not enough time, or you feel like you’re running out of it. This stress and pressure disrupts our flow! We will clear the energy on where time is not working for you so you can have time assist you in bringing you your manifestations with speed!
  8. Want to go sky high really quickly? We all know gratitude is so important to calibrate to but what happens when you don’t feel grateful? We’ll rewire gratitude and the art of celebration to be your new normal.
  9. Becoming an excellent receiver. Being able to receive is a process of becoming OPEN. To feel open we need to feel safe and let go of old hurts. We’ll work with masculine and feminine energies and getting them balanced within ourselves so we can give and receive in a harmonious and balanced way.
  10. Clearing the Sacral Chakra (Womb Clearing) Powerful for both men and women this chakra holds a lot of power and wisdom in terms of creativity and putting ourselves out into the world. We open Divine Frequencies in this chakra to allow more openness, love and flow.
  11. Creating rituals for Celebration. How much do you celebrate your life? We ensure you are loving your life as much as the Universe loves you. Infinitely.
  12. Ascension codes for wealth and abundance. We’ll be accessing the Akashic Records to draw in ideal timelines and wealth frequencies as you move forward on your evolution.

This is a deeply powerful program. My intention for you is that you experience the deep power that is available to you and move into the container at your current frequency and move out of it at a much higher frequency and in command of your own financial destiny.

If you need more information please feel to make a time to speak to me HERE. by scheduling an appointment.

Your Ideal Future is Waiting.

The next steps:

Once you have processed your payment you will be taken to a page to join a private Facebook group where notifications and information will be held and where you’ll receive the sign-in details for the first call.

Important things to know:

Given the nature of the work, which is deep, by continuing forward you are confirming that you are willing to look at aspects within yourself that may be challenging.

You acknowledge that due to the Academy sharing vital information and tools with you immediately, there are no refunds.

By choosing the 4, 5 or 6 payment plan option you acknowledge this falls outside of the 12-week container but as a benefit to you has been offered to make the program more accessible. i.e. You are aware will be making payments outside of the realms of the time frame for the container.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I might not be able to make all the call times. Will it still work for me?

Yes. Everything is energy. As long as you are making the commitment, showing up and doing the work then you will still receive all the benefits from the replay. We ask that you keep pace with the calls so you do not fall behind but as long as you have watched the call by the time the next one rolls around you’re all good.

Will I have the information for good?

We give you access to all the audio recordings, pdfs and movies for the time frame that you were in the container. We do not take responsibility for storing the information for you indefinitely. We ask that you download it to your own computer and arrange the necessary storage.

Where can I ask questions?

You can ask questions every day in the Facebook group. This program does not have a messenger access option i.e. you are not able to send messages via the messenger app.

If you would like more focused attention to clear some energy we offer a special price as an attendee for one on one sessions with Rebecca.

I’d like to see more testimonials.

You can go to my YouTube channel and watch some HERE.

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