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Growing your spiritually based business.

Are you still working in a job when your heart and soul are calling you into your purpose?

I work with women who are wanting to leave behind work that drains them and start moving into work that inspires them. However, what I have noticed about my clients is that they can get stuck in the transitition process. They want to move from that regular pay check but they are not where they want to be in order to feel secure to jump into working for themselves full-time.

They have offers but they are not but they are not being picked up by people. This doesn’t mean what they are offering doesn’t have any value. It just means they’re not getting infront of the right people….and using the right language to inspire people to look deeper.

This can be frightening as it starts eating away at their self confidence and it doesn’t feel good.

They start thinking that their job is their only option. They think that somehow they don’t have what it takes to make the leap and do what they love.

What’s the best way to grow your spiritually based business? You need to focus in the right places! You need to find the right people who are perfect for what you offer and know how to market it. 

You need to look at your habits – good habits create good results. Bad ones don’t.

You need to look at your limiting beliefs. These will block you from making that inevitable BIG LEAP into the unknown – your heart’s desire – choosing to go fulltime on your passion project and make it work. It requires a shift in identity. 

Growing your business you need to:

Figure out who your clients are so you can get to know them like your best friend, and speak to them accordingly. 

Identify if what you are offering is the most desirable for the aforementioned clients

Writing your copy in such a way that when they read it, it LANDS with them and they are like “Hey, she’s talking to ME! She knows me!”

I’ve been coaching now full time for 7 years and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. When you’re in business a lot of mistakes means LOSING MONEY. Yikes! However, I persevered and I’ve learned a whole bunch on the way.

I’ ve seen a lot of folks invest in programs and I’ve done it myself – tens of thousands of dollars into something that gives you a hope and a prayer but not the actual results! It’s enough to drive you cray cray!

I finally figured it for myself out and went from bleeding cash to doing multiple 5 figure launches!

The truth is you need to break it down and make it easy.

You need:

Products that your clients WANT – this may simply be tweaking what you already have so it’s more attractive

You need the money in the bank to feel confident and secure

You need to know WHERE to place your focus so you get more bang for your buck. 

And you don’t need to pay gazaillions to get the RIGHT support

So from with my background in banking I went back to the drawing board and asked myself …

“What do people really need to get their business humming?” 

They need support

They need to know where to focus to get profitable as soon as possible

They need accountability to make things happen – to get the results and get the dollars in the bank

The investment to work with me one on one is plain just too high for a lot of people (I’m sharing why I have this price point in my Facebook group next week, if you’re keen to learn how I came to this amount) which is why I love group programs. It’s more accessible for folks AND you get the benefit of an amazing tribe and community and their feedback can be invaluable.

That’s why I’m excited to announce Intuitpreneur – for the intuitive entrepreneur. You want to unleash your power and create abundance for yourself. Your purpose has a specific energetic vibration so let’s tap into it and make it happen so you can transition from the old identity of working for others to working for yourself!

Are you’re ready to go? Are you ready for more money and to let go of that job for good? Join me on the 27th of October at 9.30am NZST for this free webinar: Intuitpreneur – Using your intuition to create your abundant business.

It’s my birthday month so there’s an extremely limited offer that I will be making on the call. I’ll be doing some birthday giveaways (worth over $2000) so be sure to tune in and discover how you can exponentially grow your business and jump into your passion fulltime! 

Sending you love and continued success,

Rebecca xx

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