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Finding God Through Sex

One of my all time favourite books is The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck, a psychiarist. I’m currently reading “Further Along the Road Less Travelled” which I’m enjoying as well. They’re books I resonate with deeply and everytime I re-read them I get so much more out of them. I love books like that.

Reading his chapters on God and Sex I was curious to read how certain colleagues of his see the development of sexuality as an imperative part of spiritual development. That, infact, if a person has not evolved from chastity or celibracy that they haven’t fully embraced their connection to God.

This is extraordinarily refreshing! When talking about God and Sex in the same sentence we have such a long way to go before people will feel comfortable with the realisation that sex is a gift from God. It’s a way of communicating with the Divine. How so?

At the point of orgasm we lose ourselves.

We experience the “le petit mort” as it’s referred to in French – a little death. What is it the death of? Our ego. In those fleeting seconds we have moved beyond ourselves into something that is grander than our physical experience. We have moved into our Divine nature and it is here that we can experience the ultimate oneness of being with the Universe. 

The drive for sex is primal. The frequency of sex and oneness is spiritual. It is the source of creation for humans. It is intriniscally part of us. It’s time we learn how to integrate and embody our sexuality as part of our spirituality. 

Intuitve Sex – Finding God Through Sex – is my new program coming out in January.

If you’re interested in exploring how to take your sex life to a Divine place then be sure to sign up for my newsletter so we can keep in touch. 

Where does your sex life need healing? Will you allow the Universe to help you to heal? Making it safe to surrender to bliss frequencies can change your life in terms of how you feel in your body, how your feel about your sexuality and how you feel about yourself in terms of relating and connecting to other people, sexually or otherwise. 

We’ll be looking at how to release experiences from the past, how to open up the root and sacral chakras to make it safe to receive. We’ll address how to become more sensitive in your body and how you can use ancient practices which are simple yet effecive to create more intimacy. You’ll be able to practice these in a non-sexual way so you an feel safe about reclaiming your power around your sexuality. When you feel safe, relaxed and happy the shift into sexual energy can occur.

You are having a relationship with your own sexuality, right this very minute. The question is, are you enjoying it? Is there room for more pleasure, trust and openness?

It’s time for clarity, connection and intimacy. It’s also time to take all of that to a whole different level, one that is filled with light, free of shame and filled with pure desire. 

2020 is going to be magnificent. Are you ready for more? 

Let me know!

Love Rebecca xx

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