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Hi Beauty,

Here’s a summary of frequently asked questions. If yours isn’t here feel free to reach out to me via email on through FB messenger.

I was trained by one of the industry’s best, Christie Marie Sheldon who is one of the authors with MindValley, the largest personal development company in the world. I eventually worked with Christie as one of her coaches and eventually left doing that to concentrate on my own coaching practice.

I work with people who have an awareness of their soul and those who are ready to do the inner work to create extraordinary results. My clients are people who are looking to achieve more and maybe feeling confused as to what’s holding them back. Often they are high achievers and they want to go to the next level in terms of fulfilment and effortless flow. That’s where energy work is so beneficial as it works beyond the mind. My clients are open-minded to other ways of creating lasting positive change.

Everything is energy and I have worked with over 5000 people to read their energy and help clear their blocks so I have become adept at reading energy and becoming laser focused on what’s up and what needs to shift. Often the problem is the “story” and learning to place it in the correct perspective to allow ease and flow. As humans, we all experience the same emotions so there is no emotion I have come across yet that has not been able to be shifted into a higher frequency and therefore a greater experience.

As an intuition coach, I work with energy for a living which you cannot see so I work with intangibles which can be hard for some people to grasp. The best way to describe it is through feelings. If you feel good you are on track and in alignment. If you don’t, then you’re not…BUT..that doesn’t make you bad or wrong – emotions are a guidance system so it’s about learning how to interpret what messages they are bringing us. I don’t work with everyone because not everyone is ready to do the work. It takes courage to do soul work and it needs to be approached with commitment. I empower people to become self-actualized. I give people skills that they can use for life and will EMBODY as we have all the answers to our own questions but often we need help to develop the level of self-belief to be able to trust our own intuition deeply.

I work best with people who have a level of courage and are willing to make a deep commitment to THEMSELVES. People often mistakenly think they are investing in me but they are really investing in the relationship they have with themselves. I facilitate a process but the client chooses it. I work best with people who are ready to do the work, and to do what it takes to really be free of limitation, so people who are open, curious, ready and take action. You are the one who allows yourself to move beyond the rational mind and into the world of intuition.

People who prefer to live in the rational world of the mind, those who do not acknowledge the spirit or the ability to create your own reality. People who are happy with the status quo and those not interested in taking accountability for their lives. Doing the work involves allowing yourself to be witnessed and supported through the process of change. Those who are not willing to be coached into the next highest version of themselves.

In a session I am using my intuition to read your energy field and bring insights to your awareness. We are working with frequency so clients often feel more relaxed after a session and even physically lighter. The effects are life-changing and are cumulative. We also go through the process of self-enquiry so you can create belief systems that support you in the creation of your desires. The work is for both your mind so you can think in a way that supports you and for your energy field so you an understand what it is to embody feeling good and receiving what you want.

Yes. Everything is energy and as we know scientifically we can not destroy energy but we can shift it to a higher and lighter frequency. This Scale of Consciousness perfectly demonstrates what occurs and why it’s so important to shift our vibration, so we can be happier and manifest more easily.

I would encourage you to check out my YouTube channel. Here is the link:

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You can create immediate results. It depends on your willingness to show up, do the work and implement the tools. Most people feel quite different after one session but everyone varies. I’ve seen people move quickly and others take longer. I support you to believe and trust in yourself and to take action from that place which brings you incredible results, when you’re connected to your power.

I’ve had clients manifest large sums of money and create consistent income upgrades in their business after working with me. Others have won free trips overseas, manifested new jobs, dream homes and other opportunities and resources. We do the inner work so you can create a relationship with money which enables you to receive what you want. The work is lifechanging when you apply it.

There are two coaching offers available – 3 months and 6 months. Please see the investment details for more information.

There are two coaching offers available – 3 months and 6 months. Please see the investment details for more information.

Yes. Often people love the changes that are occurring so they continue working with me, over many years. I have clients I have worked with since I first began nine years ago.

People are multi-dimensional and so is the work. I endeavour to keep it fun and light although we do deep work at times. Clients often walk away knowing themselves deeply and because of that trusting themselves more and when they have that they find it easier to do things outside of their comfort zone which in turn brings great results. I love my work and I know my clients enjoy it too. It’s a process of self-acceptance while creating your desires.

Yes, you can use your credit card to process the payments for the sessions or programs I offer.

Yes. Payment plans are available, please see the options and terms.

Once you have processed your payment you’ll be given access to a link to schedule a time for your first coaching session on my calendar to get started.

You may like to try one of these group calls first for a lower investment:


60 minutes for each call. I do ask clients to do work outside of the call time but this can be incorporated in your day.

Yes. I launch my year-long signature program Intuitive Mastery once a year.  Please let me know if you are interested and I can send you a prospectus. I also have other programs which you can find more information about here.

Thank you for your interest in working with me. 

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Warm regards, Rebecca