Notes on being authentic.

I remember having a conversation with my Mum and telling her that going to work at my banking job meant I had to “get up and put armour on everyday”. Sounds heavy, doesn’t it? Little did I know that I was essentially saying to my own mother, hey, I’m choosing to be inauthentic.  I was playing a game, wearing a mask and wondering why I felt so miserable. It took me forever to have the insight to realise I was choosing to go to a job that wasn’t in alignment with my values. It wasn’t something that could be blocked off, although goodness knows I tried. There was shopping, food, drinking, stress and unhealthy relationships to pull my attention away from my misery.  I was choosing to show up for 37.5 hours a week for a job that made me miserable. It wasn’t because of the job. It was because I couldn’t do that job and be ME.  There were clues. I had a gazillion motivational quotes plastered on the wall behind my computer monitor that I would gaze at throughout the day and draw strength from. The unhappiness was a clue, once I started to realise that my emotions …

self love

Do you know yourself as love?

So many people feel separate from love. What if I told you that you ARE love already so you can never be separate from it? How would you start showing up, if you knew yourself as love? When you start to tune in intuitively you can see clearly that people are in varying degrees of fear or love. Does fear keep you from being open in love? Fear is contraction, and love is expansion. So the key then, is to be in love, all the time.